Han From Belgium: Meet The Winner 2017

Following the Elite Model Look Belgium and Luxembourg Final, Han from Antwerp will represent Belgium at the World Final 2017. Fellow Belgian Raf Simons is his fashion icon, and he'd choose an SUV over a sports car. Meet him below.

Full name: Han Vanwijnsberghe

Star sign: Taurus

Hometown: Antwerp, Belgium

Follow me: @hanvanwijnsberghe

Apart from winning, what has been the best moment so far?

Meeting the crew of the Elite Model Look Belux competition!

What’s your favourite….

Animal: Lion

Disney villain: Scar from the Lion King

Singer: Lil Kleine

Vacation destination: Spain

Quote: “Live the life that you desire”

Film?:Catch Me If You Can

Food: Pasta

Emoji: Smiley face

Fashion icon: Raf Simons

Hero/heroine: My parents

Choose one….

Leather shorts or demin cutoffs? Demin cutoffs

Las Vegas or Los Angeles? LA

Snapchat or Instagram? Instagram

Sports car or SUV? SUV

Cowboy or alien? Alien

Disco or punk? Disco

Yoga or boxing? Boxing

Personal chef or personal trainer? Personal trainer

Snakes or sharks? Sharks

Motorbike or magic carpet? Motorbike 

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