Gideon Yendell Walks At New York Fashion Week

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Gideon Yendell represented Elite Model Look UK and Ireland when he competed at the World Final in Lisbon in 2016. Since then, his modelling career has been on the rise, and he recently walked at the menswear shows in New York. With dual British and American heritage, it was something of a homecoming for the model now living in LA. We caught up with Gideon to talk show season and life in California. 

What was it like to walk your first New York Fashion Week?

It was incredible to walk my first NYFW. It was a big achievement for me because I’ve wanted to come work in New York with the greats for a long time and now I have I'm very proud of myself and grateful to my agencies. I can learn so much in this big city especially from fellow models that have been doing it longer.

How is fashion week different in New York from London?

One of the things I thought was different from my experience at London Fashion Week was feedback. Like with my walk, which I thought would be hard, but I found it worked well when they immediately told me what I needed to improve on or what I did wrong.

You have American heritage- were you proud to be part of the shows in the US?

Yes, I was very proud to represent both countries where I'm from. It was amazing to walk in my second home country for fashion week. I felt more comfortable in America's big city even though I never been to NYC. I just found it easier with the locals.  In a way, it felt like I walked on home soil for the first time. 

What was the best moment at New York Fashion Week?

The best moment for me was when I got confirmed for my shows. That moment of knowing all the hard work you put in has paid off.  That's my favorite moment because it also reminded me of what I'm capable of.

What are you looking forward to in 2018?

In 2018, I'm looking forward to working more and progressing my career.  I have a target for this year and it’s to be 100% dedicated to my modeling career. Whether that be staying healthy or just exercising or even doing more of my favorite hobbies. I know if I focus on these things I can make this one an incredible year.

You’re living in LA right now - how is that?

For me, LA is my favourite city. I find LA so motivating because everyone there is involved in the entertainment industry and fashion industry. So for me, I love trying to network there and meet people you never know where it might lead. Especially as I want to be acting more. I also love it because most my family are in California.

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