Get The Look From The Elite Model Look World Final 2019

At the EML World Final, our styling team created individual looks for each of the Finalists inspired by music, underground youth movements, and the Finalists’ own personalities.  

Get the look from the world’s most prestigious model and digital creator contest – see the looks below! 

Click here to read the interview with stylist Wil Ariyamethe!

Stylist: Wil Ariyamethe  
Styling coordination Jean Luc Favre  
Wardrobe assistant: Manavi Dang
Couturier: Mikolaj Sokolowski 

Alicia from Antilles Guyane

Alicia wears pants by Studio Tantine. 

Jordan from Antilles Guyane

Jordan wears bag and pants by Mikolaj Sokolwski, shoes by Tatras. 

Catherine from Belgium

Catherine wears jacket by Tatras. 

Digital Creator: Antoine from Belgium

Antoine wears jackets and vest by Tatras, shorts by Mansour Martin and socks Mikolaj Sokolowski.

William from Belgium

William wears jacket by Mikolaj Sokolowski, jeans by G Star Raw and boots by Ugg. 

Macarena from Chile

Macarena wears pants by Copurs London. 

JiaYu from China

JiaYu wears top by Paco Rabanne, jeans by Givenchy. 

Xindi from China

Xindi wears jacket by Tatras. 

Sebastian from Czech Republic

Sebastian wears sweater Youth of Paris. 

Clara from Denmark

Clara wears jeans by J Brand Jeans. 

Rasmus from Denmark

Rasmus wears top by Mikolaj Sokolowski, shoes by Converse. 

Yireh from Dominican Republic

Yireh wears top by Paco Rabanne. 

Luna from France

Luna wears jacket and leggings by J Brand Jeans. 

Adam from France

Adam wears jacket by Tatrasshorts by Mansour Martin and shoes by Nehera. 

Gigi from Georgia

Gigi wears shirt by Boy Loove Girljeans by J Brand Jeans and boots by Giuseppe Zanotti. 

Yara from Germany

Yara wears jeans by Mugler. 

Tashana from Ghana

Tashana wears belt and pants by Mansour Martin. 

Digital Creator: Maya from Hungary

Dress by Farhad Re

Veronika from Hungary

Veronika wears jacket by See by Chloe, pants by Mugler. 

Digital Creator: Max from Hungary

Max wear jacket by Mikolaj Sokolowski, top by Boy Loove Girl, jeans by Wooyoungmi.

Sara from Italy

Sara wear dress by Bequartii. 

Matteo from Italy

Matteo wears belt and pants by Mansour Martin. 

Digital Creator: Laetitia from Ivory Coast

Laetitia wears top by Paco Rabanne and skirt Junya Watanabe.

Emmanuel from Mexico

Emmanuel wears sweater by Boy Loove Girl. 

Hannah from Mexico

Hannah wears jeans by J Brand Jeans. 

Ana from Montenegro

Ana wears jeans by G Star Raw. 

Nynke from Netherlands

Nynke wears top by Didit Hediprasetyo belt and white jacket by Mikolaj Sokolowski, black jacket by Amazon Fashion, jeans by G Star Raw. 

Tobias from Netherlands

Tobias wears jacket by Tatras, pants by Mansour Martin. 

Juliana from Portugal

Juliana wears dress by Copurs London. 

Edmilson from Portugal

Edmilson wears look by Wooyoungmi, shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti. 

Gwenaelle from Reunion

Gwenaelle wears shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti. 

Liza from Russia

Liza wears dress by Nadya Dzyak. 

Jeff from Rwanda

Jeff wears look by Mansour Martin. 

Jelena from Serbia

Jelena wears dress by Copurs. 

Digital Creator: Jana from Serbia

Jana wears couture kimono by Yoshikimono.

Luka from Serbia

Luka wears jacket by Boy Loove Girl, jeans by G Star Raw. 

Andrej from Slovakia

Andrej wears jacket by Boy Loove Girl. 

Laura from Spain

Laura wears dress by Ingie Paris. 

Elvis from Spain

T-shirt by Boy Loove Girl, pants by Mansour Martin. 

Timea from Sweden

Timea wears top by Mikolaj Sokolowski, pants by GMBH.

Alissa from Switzerland

Alissa wears boots by See by Chloe.

Setsiri from Thailand

Setsiri wears t-shirt by Boy Loove Girl, jeans by G Star Raw.

Nadia from UK

Nadia wears pants by Mugler, shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti.

Kaliel from UK

Kaliel wears look by Mikolaj Sokolowskishoes by Tatras.

Jessica from USA

Jessica wears skirt by Ingie Paris 

Mark from USA

Mark wears sweater by Boy Loove Girl, jeans by G Star Raw.

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