How To Prepare For A Model Casting

EML Spain
The first casting for EML Spain 2019 kicks off on 30th March! Castings for the EML contest are not just a way to get noticed by top Elite agents, they are a first time experience of what model life is like. Models go to castings all the time - be it for a campaign, a magazine shoot - or that big fashion week show! And every model knows that preparation is the key to showing your very best side. We asked last year's Winners Erin and Pablo how they get in the zone for a model casting.

The first EML Spain 2019 casting will be held at 11am on Saturday 30th March at the Maremagnum Barcelona shopping centre.

To take part in EML Spain, girls must be minimum 1.72m in height, and boys 1.85m. You must be aged 14-22, and if you are under 18, please attend with a parent or guardian, or bring a signed authorisation form. Applicants should wear hair and makeup as natural as possible. Please wear tee shirt and jeans; girls should bring high heels. 

Pablo Schrijner

I love staying in shape by going to the gym a few times a week, and eating well, but I think that the best way to stay healthy is to look after your mental health. If you keep your vibe positive and stay focused, your physical health will come without practically any effort. To get ready for a casting, I listen to good music - I'm always looking for new music and my favourite song today won't be the same tomorrow! But anything that I can dance to gets me in the mood for anything. Music makes me happy and takes the stress away! My advice if you are going to the EML Spain casting is to enjoy the moment, feel comfortable and stay motivated. If you have fun, you will stay motivated and feel much less tired at the end of the day. Love what you do and do what you love!

Erin Boyle

Be prepared! That means you need to sleep well the night before the casting. When I go to a model casting now, I always make sure I have my headphones to listen to music to get motivated - I love anything by Bruno Mars! I am vegan, so I usually take my own snacks, and I never leave the house without a bottle of water. In general, I like staying healthy and I love swimming, it's my favourite way to workout. My advice to anyone applying to EML is to always pursue your dreams, and to remember that whatever happens, the experience is always worth it."