Model Friendship Crews

One of the best things models who have done the Elite Model Look competition say time and again of their experience is the time they spend with other models, and the friendships that they form for life. We take a look at some models who can count each other as pals as well as colleagues on the catwalk. 

Photo © Holly Magson via Instagram

Holly Magson, EML Australia and Chanel Asberg, EML Netherlands

Holly Magson with Chanel Asberg pose for a picture in Elite Paris.

Photo © Camille Hurel via Instagram

Nina Marker, EML Denmark and Ratner

Camille Hurel posted a picture of her two close friends Nina Marker and Ratner

Photo © Linda Votjova via Instagram

Linda Vojtova, EML Czech Republic with Michaela Kocianova, EML Slovakia

Linda Votjova having a break on a boat in Prague in the Czech Republic with Michaela Kocianova.

Photo © Mayowa Nicholas via Instagram

Mayowa Nicholas, EML Nigeria, Camille Hurel, EML France and Faretta

A behind-the-scenes shot of these three fashion show favourites.

Photo © Anders Baerentzen via Instagram

Anders Baerentzen, EML Denmark with Mads Bylov

Anders Baerentzer hanging out with the Elite model Mads Bylov in Milan.

Photo © Margot Baget via Instagram

Margot Baget, EML France with Jana Tvrdikova, EML Czech Republic

Margot Baget and Jana Tvrdikova hanging out backstage at the Chanel Cruise show in Paris.

Photo © Zara Bicha via Instagram

Zara Bicha, EML Portugal with Chiara Leone, EML Chile, and Asmae

Everybody say love! Zara Bicha shared this super cute photo from Gay Pride in Milan with Chiara Leone and Asmae, sporting multi-coloured clothes, stickers and temporary tattoos. 

Photo © Paul Manniez via Instagram

Paul Manniez, EML France and Max Fieschi

Paul Manniez and Max Fieschi enjoying time off at the Navigli Di Milano in Italy.

Photo © Kim Schell via Instagram

Kim Schell, EML France with Lauren Emw, EML France

Kim Schell posted an old photo machine picture with fellow EML France former Finalist Lauren Emw.

Photo © Exaucée Makuiza via Instagram

Exaucée Makuiza, Wissem Morel-Omari and Noah Deric, EML France

Exaucée, Wissem and Noah hang out together on the most famous street in France - the Champs Elysée.

Photo © Vittoria Ceretti via Instagram

Irina Djuranovic, EML Montenegro, and Vittoria Ceretti, EML Italy

Vittoria shared this sweet image with Irina to celebrate her birthday. We love! 

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