Model Photo Shoot Skills With Photographer Luc Braquet

Luc Braquet has been the Elite Model Look World Final photographer since 2014. At the Elite Model Look Bootcamp, he spends time with each Finalist as he shoots them for their World Final portrait, giving them tips and direction for how to act on set. This masterclass is the Finalists first photoshoot with Elite, and gives them essential ground rules for their career as models. He shares some of his advice here.

Fashion photographer Luc has shot for titles such as Harper's Bazaar, Vogue and Numero. He is based in Paris.

What can models do to prepare for a photoshoot before they arrive?

Models can always ask for the mood board for a shoot. The mood board is the set of photos the photographer and stylist put together to prepare, which will give the model an idea of the styling and the way the photos will be shot. It will give the model a sense of what kind of attitude the team is looking for! Another thing you can do is spend some time researching the photographer who they will be working with, Google their work and follow them on social media.

What’s the most important thing to remember on set?

The most important thing is to feel confident! Be ready to give the best of yourself. And relax! Studios can be stressful, we need the model to be able to forget that and concentrate on the job they have. 

In fashion photography, people talk about “finding your light” – what does that mean?

It means knowing where the light hits your face, how to turn your face towards it or away from it for the photographer to capture on their lens. The light reveals the emotion on a model’s face.

How important is it to listen to directions on set from the team?

Of course, listening to direction is essential, but the best models have an open mind and have their own ideas. It’s important for the model to connect with the clothes. Everyone wears clothes differently, so if they understand the creative idea behind the styling, they can suggest some of their own ideas for posing. We are looking for details like that to make pictures that are unique.

There is a whole team behind each shoot, each video. What is a model’s job in the team?

To bring a good energy and be ready to work hard! Models who are arrogant and who have forgotten where they come from make it difficult for the whole team. Always be true to yourself, and have fun!

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