Eml Throwback: World Final 2014 | Video

Competition News Nov 10

To celebrate the launch of EliteModelLook.com and to coincide with the 2015 World Final, we bring you exclusive content of last year’s World Final in Shenzhen, China, with two new episodes published daily.

Take a peek into what to expect at this year’s final. We learn how nearly half a million hopefuls applied last year, and see how they found the very best amongst the national finalists from 30 participating countries. From the Elite Makeover to Supermodel Masterclass with Liu Wen, learn how professional models hone their craft at the model bootcamp, and see how a final fashion show comes together, as styled by Vogue Italia.

It’s not all work; follow the competitors as they explored Chinese culture, painting china plates and learning caligraphy. Between photo shoots and catwalk classes, hear the finalists reminisce on their homes as they embark on a new life and muse of the meaning of friendship.

At the heart, the series hears how the contestants feel at every stage going through this amazing experience, from overcoming nerves to the highs of the win. As they themselves say, "it's the key to a new world".

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