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New for 2019, EML Italy are thrilled to announce that we will be collaborating with Istituto Marangoni Milan. EML is all about nurturing the next generation of talent that will be the stars of tomorrow’s fashion industry, an identical task of Istituto Marangoni. In Milan, we invited students from the MA Fashion Promotion Communication and New Media course to submit a project based on what they have been learning, to help EML reach a new audience via imaginative communication techniques. Before we announce the Winners of the project, we interviewed the leader of the class, Stefania Imondi, about learning about the fashion industry at a world-famous fashion school, what it takes to succeed in the industry today and the new challenges facing the industry with the shifting sands of social media.

EML are collaborating with Istituto Marangoni students from the MA Fashion Promotion Communication and New Media. what attracted you to study on this course?

Usually, when we talk about fashion, people just think of clothes, fashion shows, models and brands. For people outside fashion, it is impossible to imagine how big the world of fashion really is, and how much work is involved. I was always interested in communication and fashion, and thanks to this Master course, I have the opportunity to deeply learn how this exciting and multifaceted industry works. I was really attracted to the modern communication and social media approach related to the fashion promotion, which Istituto Marangoni provides for its students.

We have young readers who are new to the fashion industry. What kind of thing might a Communication Manager take care of in the fashion industry that people might not realise?

Today, communication is faster than ever, and what’s brand new right now will be over in a minute! Communication managers need to know and understand this, and always be in sync with the latest developments and communication tools, and how the new generation use them.

The course has a lot of industry speakers and includes an industry placement – if anything, what is exciting about working with EML in particular?

Working with EML is a really interesting opportunity to work directly with a network of the world’s most famous model agencies in the fashion industry. Putting my own ideas forward gave me a chance to test myself, to see what working in fashion in a professional capacity will be like, and to get some feedback from experts. It was exciting because I had to think about what’s possible, and to come up with original communication strategies. This was about being creative in a concrete way.

What did you study before attending the Istituto Marangoni?

I didn’t study fashion! I studied languages at high school, and I have a degree in psychology from Palermo, my hometown. However, I have a huge passion for fashion, and got a taste for the industry with work experience. 

In today’s fashion industry, it is all the more competitive. How do you stay motivated?

Fashion is highly competitive, and always changing. Change means new opportunities, new challenges and better chances to improve! What motivates me is my belief in meritocracy – that means that if you work hard, and you are good at what you do, you will achieve your goals! So, I try to be strong, keep working and always staying open to new challenges.

What advice do you have for those who want to apply to EML or indeed study at Istituto Marangoni?

Stay always focused and be prepared to face with things that you never faced before. You must be a hard worker to keep up. Embrace all the opportunities you have to improve yourself, even if they come from your colleagues. Don’t be worried about your previous study background: maybe it doesn’t fit exactly with the fashion industry, but if your goal is to build a career in the fashion field, and you are keen to learn even more, you will have a chance!

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