Elite New Wave Party With Vogue Italia

EML Nov 25

Last night, the fashion world were introduced to the Top 15 at the Elite New Wave Party at the world famous Villa Necchi. Influencers, executives and former Finalists were invited to a champagne reception while in the Top 15 were shot for Vogue Italia inside the mansion. They worked with select photographers wearing designs from capsule collections between new designers and established Chinese fashion brands. Click here to read all about the Elite New Wave initiative.

We caught up with Sara Maino, who masterminded the set-up. “I really like the Top 15. I think Anouk is really amazing, but there were a few of the girls who were astonishing so it’s not easy to say who will be successful in the future. Now, they are like a sponge, they should absorb as much as possible because it’s the most important time of their career. I’m looking forward to seeing the results of this shoot.”

Villa Necchi Campiglio

The mansion is a jewel of modernist architecture, designed by Piero Portaluppi and built between 1932 and 1935.

Qiman wearing Cynthia & Xiao x Yi in the office

Photographer Dayana Montesano was born in Rome in 1985 and has won scholarships from the Scuola Romana di Fotografia e Cinema.

Guests in the entrance to the villa

The shoots for Vogue Italia were going on all day. Once the party began at night, guests were wandering in the midst of some very special creative work.

Anouk and Charlotte, shot by Scandebergs on the veranda

Photographers Stefano Colombini and Alberto Albanese are both from Italy but joined forces while working in London in 2013.

In the library, Mathilde and Leia were wearing Youjia Jin x SC Fashion

Photographer Guen Fiore told us, “The models were great, I think they picked the right winners. Leia and Mathilde were perfect for the dresses and for the mood. They are very similar so they looked very good together. I don’t like to direct models too much when I work, I prefer to let them do what they want. Some are more independent than others but both Leia and Mathilde are naturals.”

Chiara was wearing Gayeon Lee x V-Grass in the bathroom

Monia Merlo, who was shooting Chiara and Andreea, told us: “I really enjoyed shooting these models, I really like the Top 15. Chiara definitely has great potential, she was very easy to work with.”

(L-R) Charlotte and Anouk wearing Minimal To x Peacebird

The Italian designer trio known as Minimal To - Elisa Mazza, Danila Olivieri and Stefano Sberze - studied in Milan and founded their label in Turin. They were inspired by Berber tunics, and fused Asian and Italian influences in the collection.

The Top 5 Boys wearing designs by Eliran Nargassi x Canudilo H Holidays

Photographer Tania Innocenti said: "Today was really wonderful, because I was with the five boys, and they are very young but at the same time, really fresh. I didn’t ask them how to pose too much, it was more like acting. But they had fun! I find that it helps to ask the model to think about a character, just an indication to guide them." Photo: Vogue Italia

A runway of candles illuminated the champagne reception

(L-R) Vick Mihaci (President of Elite Management Worldwide), Franca Sozzani (Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Italia) and John Hooks (CEO of Elite Worldwide)

Photo: Vogue Italia

(L-R) Francesca Airoldi (Group Publisher of Vogue Italia) and Sara Maino (Head of Vogue Talent)

Click here to read the full interview with Sara. Photo: Vogue Italia

(L-R) Pauline Hoarau (EML 2011), Antonina Petkovicv (EML 2012) and Manuela Frey (EML 2012)

James Parker (EML 2014), on the right

Only this time last year, EML was opened to boys at the international level for the very first time. James won as the Finalist for Italy.

Vittoria Ceretti (EML 2012)