Elite Models Pay Tribute To Karl Lagerfeld

Yesterday, the fashion industry lost an icon. With a career spanning 7 decades, there are few individuals who had such monumental impact on the industry. Since being hired as assistant to Balmain in 1955, Karl Lagerfeld shaped what women wore from behind the design desk at brands such as Chloé, Fendi, his own label, but most notably, Chanel. With an eye for modern beauty, Lagerfeld helped to nurture the careers of hundreds of models, some to superstardom. Indeed, this week marks the release of the Chanel campaign he himself shot with Vittoria Ceretti, Elite Model Look model and the last Chanel couture bride.

Elite models share their thoughts on the legend that was. See below.

Pauline Hoarau, EML Reunion

My heart goes out to the Chanel family today. Karl you are a legend. I started modelling dreaming of one show, my only fashion reference, Chanel. I got lucky enough to walk 33 shows designed by you and I cherished every single one of them. Thank you for letting me be a part of your world, thank you for the extraordinary memories, thank you for inspiring the world. You will be missed.

Vittoria Ceretti, EML Italy

“'I woke up in the middle of the night and started drawing this dress for you. The next day I brought the paper in at Chanel and I told them ‘this is either for Vittoria or we’re not doing it’. This is what Karl told me the last time I saw him in Paris at the fitting, wearing the bride dress. Just like every other time with him , my heart was fulfilled with love, happiness and honor. Karl will forever be an inspiration to all of us and the fashion industry will NEVER be the same without him. My heart is broken and I don’t know what else to say. ❤️ just thank you"

Bara Podzimkova, EML Czech Republic

“I feel very honored that I could meet Karl and worked with him. He is the biggest fashion icon and even people which are not interested in fashion know who Karl Lagerfeld is. But mainly he was a humble and kind person and it was always a pleasure to work with him. He was very loyal to his models and he supported me from the very beginning. Every show was unforgettable, for example the one for Fendi haute couture in Rome, where the models walked-literally-on the Trevi fountain. I will cherish these memories forever. Thank you for everything, Karl, we will never forget. Rest in peace.”

Jana Tvrdikova, EML Czech Republic

“First time when I saw Karl was last year in March. I was called in for fitting for Chanel. I was so excited. I tried some clothes and I went in some room. I didn’t know where I were going. And then I saw him. The legend. Karl Lagerfeld was sitting there behind the big table looking at me. I almost stoped breathing. I couldn’t believed my eyes. Next day was Chanel show! After show I saw him again in backstage. Everyone was laughing and smiling. He was so happy! Every time I saw him it was such a pleasure to be in same room like this icon! Last time I saw him, it was in New York. I were on fitting and he told me I looked magnifique! Suzy Menkes was sitting next to him. He were asking her if she liked it. She said yesss!! He told me that the dress was made for me! Today when I heard that he pass away my heart broke. I am honoured that I had chance to work with him. His name and his work wont be never forget. Rest in peace Karl. Sending love to fashion heaven.”

Denisa Dvorakova, EML Czech Republic

"When I read on the internet today that Karl Lagerfeld died, I immediately saw pictures of all the shows that I walked for him. I'm really sad about it. Karl was not like everyone, he was out of his personality and he was so nice to me everytime we met.In the fashion world for me will be irreplaceable, I will never forget him and his always beautiful fashion shows. It was really honored to met him and walked for him and wear all the beautiful dresses. Thank u Karl for everything!"

Irina Djuranovic, EML Montenegro

"I don't think I could fit it all in words. I tried writing my thoughts down, just for me, but failed... All I can say that we were all lucky enough to live in the period of his genius creativity, and incredibly lucky to take part in each of the masterpieces he created. It is very sad that he passed away but looking at it from a different perspective, he made history and gifted us all by sharing just a piece of his imagination and perception of beauty and fashion. Rest in peace Karl you brought so much meaning to life, to many."

Yasmin Wijnaldum, EML Netherlands

"Woke up with heartbreaking news this morning... I will never forgot walking into my first Chanel fitting as a 16 year old girl and being so nervous and impressed by everything around me. But especially meeting Karl. He was so kind to me right away and I was so excited to work with such a inspiration to so many people including me. Never would’ve thought that I would be working with him for 4 years... Thank you Karl for always being so loyal and kind to all of us. You will be missed, we love you. RIP"

Eniko Mihalik, EML Hungary

"Working with you was a dream come true. R.I.P Karl."

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