Elite Model Look Slovakia With Michaela Kocianova

Competition News June 7
Ahead of next weekend’s National Casting in Slovakia, we catch up with one of their finalists turned top model, Michaela Kocianova. Michaela was discovered through Elite Model Look in 2004 and returns to Slovakia to help find the next generation, starting with castings around her home country. A Victoria’s Secret model, she has been the darling of brands from Givenchy to Garnier.  Scroll down to meet the girl behind the billboard campaigns.

You’re now an Elite Model Look ambassador! What is your favourite part of your role?

I am honored to be an ambassador for the 6th year running! The best part is probably spending time in Slovakia. I really do enjoy seeing new people becoming models by coming for castings, helping them with their walk, with healthy nutrition and lifestyle, and styling. It takes me back to my memories of the Elite Model Look competition.

What makes the Elite Model Look competition different in Slovakia?

I think it that all those girls will become real models, will live the real life of a model, and hopefully some of them will become new generation of supermodels. That is why the Elite agency is the best start for them!

What did it feel like to participate when you were first discovered?

I didn't really realise what was going on back then, maybe that is the difference between girls now and us, they have so much more information about everything today than in those days. Of course I was happy about that, because I never thought i was pretty. Now I learned a big secret - that everything has its own beauty but not everybody can see it!

What did taking part in Elite Model Look teach you?

Ooh, it did teach me a lot! First and probably the biggest of these was the most basic - called language! I didn't speak English well back then. My Elite Mode Look was amazing, we had so much fun and it was an amazing start to my career. I had all the best people behind me that had amazing plan, and you know what? I think it worked pretty well! (laughs)

What moment are you most proud of from your career so far as a model?

I have few moments that I was super proud. But there is one, when I got my first photoshoot for Italian vogue with Steven Meisel and everyone was calling me to congrats. Vick Mihaci called me, my agent Sasha Jany... I felt amazing.

You told Elite Paris in a video in 2011 that your dad didn’t believe it when you were first scouted. What does he think of your career now?

We are still making fun of him now! So funny. I think he is a proud daddy. I wouldn't make it without them, I’m very thankful to have parents like them.

How has your career changed?

I love to shoot editorials to create new beautiful pictures with all team, but also my “money clients” that pay well. Campaigns like the one I was doing Garnier was amazing. I have more choice to decide what I want to do, and I don't have to do everything anymore. But as I said, Elite is an amazing agency who look after me really well, which is just as it should be.

What is the best advice anyone ever gave you?

To do everything always 100 percent, so when time passes, you don't look back and say: I wish I did this different way. And live in the present

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