Elite Model Look Organisers: Inside Elite Model Look

Elite Model Look is a competition that takes place in 35 countries around the world, before coming together for the World Final. In each of these, local organisers run castings, semi finals and their national final. At the World Final, they form part of the jury, helping decide who should win one one of the fifteen top model contracts with Elite. We meet four of them to find out how they see the competition, at their own level, and on a global scale.

Eleonore Vanden Eynde, Elite Model Look Belux

I run Elite Model Look in Belgium and Luxembourg. We found some really good contestants - I'm so proud of all of the models and digital creators we have found, whether they make it to the World Final or not! It is a challenge – but a good one! As we are a very young team, we always want to make something very modern. We took them into the woods for the National Bootcamp, like they were Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, so they can learn the tough life, being a model or digital creator is not always about being in five-star hotels! We were inspired by England, so we aimed to do something in that cool, simple, English style.


Before Elite Model Look, I was an Art Director in fashion photography, and a consultant in e-commerce, and I scouted for different agencies – but for fun! With Elite Model Look, I could put it all together and I have a great network. Belgium has a different mentality from other countries, with so many nationalities living here. We’re the capital of Europe, and we have Antwerp, iconic for fashion design. For 2018, I want to do more images, more videos, and a completely different Final! This year, it was in an old stately home with electronic music, so next year I want to do the opposite! I don’t have Karl Lagerfeld’s budget but I am inspired by him! Something simple, but cool.

Marc Robinson, Elite Model Look India

It’s great to see Finalists from all over the world come together as one large family at the World Final, to make their dreams a reality. We look for that freshness in the Finalists, their passion, drive, confidence, style, desire to succeed, individuality. Arya and Mustafa are great Winners. An all-round unique personality. The World Final is also the opportunity to consider and improve our national Elite Model Look in India, and to meet our colleagues from around the world. 

India is a huge multi-ethnic country, where values and languages vary from region to region. We are open to all communities and make sure we give everyone the same opportunity. Thankfully, we have the best partner in India, Max Fashion, who have democratised fashion in India, while Elite Model Look injects fresh new model talent. My advice is to be nice, and to treat people as you wish to be treated. Trust your gut. And first impressions matter! “Slay the dragon” – that is, take on challenges head on, and move on, don’t overthink it. Finally, you’re the CEO of your own life, so think about why you do what you’re doing, and fully, deeply commit to it. 

Elizabeth Aisien, Elite Model Look Nigeria

The Elite Model Look World Final is always an experience! A good model is someone who walks into a room and gets noticed instantly. Amazing striking features, friendly, sweet to people and most important, humble - nothing beats being humble. This year, Elite Model Look Nigeria celebrated 10 years. My favorite moment was seeing my National Finalist become as the overall winner in 2016. We made history! Tobi and Stephen are fantastic, we're very happy with them.

In Nigeria, we have had some challenges, but it has improved a lot over the last decade. The Elite Model Look competition is a great platform, and at the World Final, it's amazing to see girls and boys from different cultures, backgrounds and religion come together to compete for an ultimate goal. The best advice I ever received was: "be consistent, be patient, give it your all and it will eventually pay off". It is already paying off, over the last ten years, the accomplishments are priceless! When people send me images of the models on billboards or in stores, that feeling is ethereal!

Sasha Jany, Elite Model Look Czech Republic and Slovakia

Each year, I love seeing the new Elite Model Look talent from all over the world. I have been attending the World Final since 1991, and I enjoy seeing colleagues, some of whom I only have a chance to see at the event. It´s great to see the Finalists all together, see them establishing new friendships and exchanging experiences. In new models, I mostly look for the complexity, it is not only about beauty, it´s a lot about energy that a person gives out. A Finalist doesn’t have to be an obvious extrovert for me. I enjoy discovering other skills that the contestants have besides modeling. This year, for example, Vaclav from Czech Republic rides motorbikes, and Natasa from Slovakia plays guitar. Leontyna from Czech Republic and  Matus from Slovakia are super talented too!

The Czech Republic and Slovakia are different because we have one Final for two countries, reuniting the Czech Republic and Slovakia, after doing about 25 castings across both countries. In the few past years, we have held our dual National Final at Prague Castle, which is spectacular. We want to discover new talent, create a long term career, being a part of his or her transformation into a professional and helping them to grow up into a valuable person. The best advice I ever received was to always follow your vision, try to be the best and do your job without expecting anything in return.

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