Elisa From French West Indies: Meet The Winner 2017

This weekend, French West Indies became the second country to announce their winner of Elite Model Look 2017. The competition, known in French as Elite Model Look Antilles-Guyane, takes place between Martinique, Guadeloupe and French Guyana. There are live castings in all three countries, before a bootcamp and final in Guadeloupe. Below, we meet winner Elisa from French Guyana.

Full name: Elisa Bunel

Star sign: Libra

 Hometown: Rémire Montjoly, French Guyana

Instagram: @elisa_bunel_

Tell us your favourite...

Song: "Shape of You" by Ed Sheeran 
Animal: Horses and dogs
Disney villain: Maleficent
Colour: Blue
Vacation destination: Brazil or France
Film: Divergente (USA, 2014)
Current obsession: horse riding

How did you hear about Elite Model Look?

My sister told me about Elite Model Look! 

Choose one...

Pizza or Ibiza? Ibiza

Morning or evening? Evening

Snapchat or Instagram? Snapchat

Sports car or SUV? Sports car

DJ or PJs? DJ

Puma or Adidas? Adidas

Motorbike or magic carpet? Motorbike

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