Elena Mansueto, Head Of Women’s Division At Elite Milan

Industry EML Italy

Inspired to work in the fashion industry by her love of languages, Elena Mansueto is Head of Women’s Booking at Elite Milan. As a key part of the judging team on both EML Italy and at the World Final, Elena has a trained eye for spotting a star in the making. We sat down with her to learn more about her daily tasks, how to prepare for a model contest and working in a truly global team. 

What do you look for in the applicants at the EML castings?

I am looking for models with international appeal, who can work for all the agencies in our network. I'm not looking for a precise version of beauty, I'm open to different beauties, whether conventional or unconventional. Of course, some details like height is important, but sometimes I am struck by a standout personality!

What attracted you to the model industry?

I started immediately after high school, a bit by chance, through connections I had with friends who worked in the fashion industry. I studied foreign languages at high school, and this job gave me the opportunity to build on that. It seemed to me the ideal time, the right opportunity, and I liked it, so I carried on. Now, I am happy to say that it's a job I would never change!

What do you love about your job?

I love to create and cultivate meaningful relationships with the models and their families. I also love to meet and work with people from all over the world, it is very stimulating and interesting to have colleagues who have completely different ways of working and living from my own!

What are the challenges?

The biggest challenge is to succeed in developing the career of a girl I believe in to its fullest potential, and for this, I always give 100%. I love to exceed my models’ expectations and I’m happy when I see the happiness in their eyes! I am aware that I have a great responsibility towards them, because the people we work with are very young, and we are responsible for these young girls’ future.

Who or what inspires you to succeed?

I am inspired by what my girls expect from life! It is very inspiring to see models succeed, they can have a really exciting life, even if it doesn’t last forever, it is a great opportunity to have an amazing experience that not many people get to have, and to learn what they can from it, lessons that will last a lifetime.

What are your passions outside work?

I love to read, going to the cinema, and I love to cook!

If you hadn't done your job, what would you have done?

I might have been a photographer, but my dream job would be to be a teacher.

What advice do you give to those who sign up for the contest?

It is a delicate balance between taking this contest seriously, but at the same time, not too seriously! It might be something that works for you, it might not, but even if it doesn’t, it should be something you remember fondly for the rest of your life!

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