Daily Self Care By Ksenija Popovic From Eml Montenegro

EML Montenegro

Ksenija Popovic might be at the beginning of her model career, but she’s already nailed the wisdom of wellness every superstar needs. She loves all kinds of sport, and makes daily self-care routines her ritual for living her best life. She detoxes from the stress of model life by playing the flute, and she loves catching up with her twin brother who’s a basketball player for FMP who lives in Belgrade. Read her tips for creating magic in the everyday. 

Mountains in Montenegro are amazing

In summer, I love hiking with my family. I like mountaineering, it fills me, because I love nature and adventure. Mostly climb with my family. The city I live in is good for training outside, especially for long hikes and running. Whenever I have a good time, I try to spend it outside, practicing it.

My favorite sport is definitely basketball!

My twin brother Stevan is a basketball player, so I spend a lot of time watching him and learning about basketball. We are really close – we love being twins! I like to train with him too. I only play for fun – whenever I get the chance, or have time, I love playing with friends.

Daily self care helps you to help others

I love healthy habits and I train every day. It is the most frequent going to the gym or some sport. I love exercising, and what it does for my body and my mind. I always feel better after training! I feel that self-confidence is the key to success in this business. We need to love ourselves with both our weaknesses and strengths. If we nourish our body, our mind, and ourselves, we can be there for other people and take care of them too!

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Start like you mean to go on!

My morning routine starts early, even at 6:30 in the morning, when I brush my teeth and jump into the shower. I like to nourish my skin, I use a skin moisturizer and a hydrating cream for skin care. I keep my hair clean and always wear it well-groomed. I use some good shampoo, conditioner and occasionally a hair mask made from coconut oil. Usually for breakfast I eat eggs or an oat grocery store with a jam, this is my favourite breakfast. After that, I'm get ready and go to school!

Playing flute is my detox

I love being a model. The work really fulfils me, I don’t find spending a day on set or preparing for a show difficult at all. Don’t get me wrong – it’s hard work, but it’s also fun! I stay motivated, and I find inspiration every day in what’s around me, in nature, people, healthy food, training, art, travel, books. I also love music! I play flute and I love the sound. It feels so good to be creative, I try to play as often as I can, if it allows me to do it, at least once a week.

Sleep is super important!

My routine of beauty is not too complicated. I think that beauty is in simplicity, I like to look as natural as possible. Every evening, I focus on personal care and getting ready for bed, so I can have a good rest, ready for the next day. 

Be your own icon

My advice to anyone applying to EML is to work hard, focus on themselves and their journey, and to build healthy habits. Accept themselves fully as they are, have confidence, and be persistent!