Class Of 35th Elite Model Look: What Makes You Different?

At Elite Model Look, we say: “your differences make our world”. As they join the Elite family, we asked the first members to join the Class of 2018 what makes them different. From physical traits to specialist interests, these top model of tomorrow are a diverse gang of Gen Z kids who won’t let anything stand in their way of success.

Milica from Serbia

We’re all different in some way! Mine is that I’m modest, honest, positive and always smiling. They say that when you smile, the world smiles back, and I think that truly, positive vibes are a dish that’s best shared with everyone!

Morgane from Antilles Guyane

It's been my dream to be a model since I started seeing models in magazines, and on my father's side everybody is very tall, so I thought, “why not me?” I think my look makes me different.

Rezi from Georgia

We all have different minds and thoughts, personalities and appearances. I would say, what makes me different is my desire to try new things in life. I love having new experiences, and doing things I have never done before. Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone!

Beatrice from Italy

Physically speaking, my copper hair and my freckles make me stand out from the crowd. But my attitude is my secret weapon: I am quite shy but I’m very determined!

Olivia from Nigeria

That’s easy! Personally, I have a stammer. I stammer literally in every sentence! I've never really seen any other model with that speech defect. I used to feel insecure about it as a lot of people were impatient with me while I spoke. In fact, I didn't even think I could become a model, but I overcame that and decided to live my dream and push as hard as I can. I hope that by doing that, some other young boy or girl with the same issue sees me and is inspired to live their dreams!

Pablo from Spain

I believe my main difference is my personality and style! I’m really into history. I’m kind of a history freak and knowing what and why things have happened! I also love sport. I’ve been playing basketball since I was six – I love it because of the teamwork.

Hanna from the United States

I am always talking! I want to be a model because I love to act. I love to go in front of the camera and pretend I am the person whose clothes I am wearing. I think that it’s awesome because a single expression can convey a feeling through a picture and I love learning how to do that.

Branislav from Serbia

I am type of person who doesn’t give up, and I believe it’s my advantage when it comes to modelling. I’m ready to give my best to the experience of Elite Model Look and beyond, and to come back a better model for it.

Cedric from Antilles Guyane

I think that my personality makes me unique, because I can be comfortable with everyone. I think that creates a relaxed atmosphere around me. Of course, I can be serious, but the trick is stay motivated and to look natural at the same time!

Mari from Georgia

I’m a very hardworking person and I like to get most out of anything I do. My special difference is my desire to achieve. The same is with modelling. From the moment I started, I have this drive to get to the top of my game!

Alberto from Italy

What makes me unique is the fact that I’m quite shy. I know that some people would say that it's a flaw, but I believe that shyness pushes you to get the best out of yourself, to discover your limits and your strengths. 

Ksenija from Montenegro

People have always told me that I stand out. I have always liked unusual things. Ever since I was little, I have had sense for aesthetics, I was attracted by beautiful things, good energy, a smile, shiny objects and bright colours! What’s more, I have always been very tall, and I have always loved performing. But what makes me recognizable are my eyebrows, and I’m very proud of them! But in the end, I believe that beauty on the outside is never enough by itself – what’s much more important is to let your inner beauty shine, and others will see it in you.

Nosa from Nigeria

What sets me apart is my desire to learn and get better as a person. I am looking forward to the Elite Model Look World Final as a chance to grow. I believe we learn best from others, so I am looking forward to meeting new people and seeing what I can bring to the mix. 

Erin from Spain

My eyebrows definitely make me different! I also think it’s my positive attitude. I believe in the saying: “Even though nothing comes out of it, the experience is always worth it.” There is no such thing as failure, only failure to learn from what life has to offer.

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