Class Of 35th Elite Model Look: Tell Us Your Favourite...

Get to know the World Finalists of Elite Model Look 2018 before you see them compete at the World Final.

We asked these Finalists to tell us their favourite things - movies, songs, Instagram accounts and more! Read their recommends below.

Leo from Switzerland

My favourite Instagram account to follow is @gaeloupas - he’s a photographer, videographer and a big fashion fan. His account inspires me a lot for style tips and I love his pictures and videos. He has an incredible style of fashion.

The movie I love the most is The Breakfast Club, it’s one of the first teen comedies ever made, and I really find it crazy that you can only make a movie in one room and it works so well! It’s really funny and you get into the characters very quickly. It’s a movie with a nice message for everyone.


Marie from the Czech Republic

From Czech Republic, I love the models Hana Jiřičková and Denisa Dvořáková but I also really admire Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, they’re beautiful girls and have great careers. 

My favourite music artists in the world are Bebe Rexha and Drake and in Czech Republic, I love Paulie Garand. I love their music, songs and art. 


Raphael from Portugal

My favourite music artists are probably Eminem or NF. I admire both of them as they have managed to overcome adversity and hardship. Their music is accessible to all and I love that their music manages to tell a story which captures the hearts of listeners all over the world from different backgrounds and countries etc.

My favourite food is tripas à moda do Porto, I grew up eating it and it always reminds me of home and happiness and gives me a sense of comfort and, of course, it is quintessentially Portuguese!

Agnès from Mauritius

I love Leonardo DiCaprio. I think it’s amazing that he started his career so young and yet has be able to take on lots of different roles and always brings a lot of passion.

The song I could listen to any day, at any time, is Feel by Robbie Williams, I don’t know, but I have loved it since I was a child.


Karla from Denmark

My favourite movie is definitely Notting Hill. It is a favourite in my family. We can recite most of the lines, so it is funny! Plus, who doesn’t love a romance?

You have to follow @dailyoverview, because they post very beautiful images of the world from above. It lightens up my day, when I see their post on Instagram!

Jakub from Slovakia

I can't stop listening to Right Now it´s Natural by Imagine Dragons, it is a really great song. You can feel the passion!

I work out a lot and like playing football with my friends in my free time.

My favourite actor is Robert Downey Jr. He is funny and plays roles in movies that I love, like Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes. I admire his talent. 

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