Chiara Corridori's Guide To Sardinia

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Chiara Corridori participated in Elite Model Look in 2012, and has since worked with brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Alberta Ferretti and Giorgio Armani. She was scouted on her fourteenth birthday by Elite, when she was in Milan for a ballet audition. “I had never thought about the modeling industry before then. Being a model wasn't my dream, at that time the ballet was my biggest passion.”

A native of Cagliari, she gives us her local guide to Sardinia, with the best beaches, spas and restaurants to check out. “Sardinia is definitely my favourite place on earth, which I feel lucky to come from! It's my dream island, a paradise on earth. Whenever I need to rest, relax and recover from a stressful period there isn't a better place where to go.” 

Best for brunch

You can get really good brunch at Ex Tipografia - eggs with sausage and bacon, avocado toast with eggs, or salmon, or yoghurt and fruit, or amazing pancakes. It’s really nice. I had lunch there – some really nice meat – it was so good. I went with my mom and my sister, Carlotta, she’s younger than me. I went there in the summer last year, it was a Saturday.

Photo © Chiara Corridori


We have a theatre, and a small art gallery. We have a kind of old fortress called Il Castello, where you can see over the city, tourists love to go there. It’s on the highest part of the city.  From there, you can see the sea, the palazzi and the Torre dell'Elefante (Elephant Tower). I have always lived in Cagliari, it’s very small but it’s the main one in Sardinia, and it has a nice history and old parts.

Photo © Chiara Corridori

Best for dinner

There is one which is Corso 12, which is amazing for dinner. It has amazing food, all served in big bowls. You can have things which are cooked in a really particular way, and you can eat outside. It’s on one of the main streets in Cagliari and has a nice atmosphere, I like going there with my boyfriend. I love Italian cooking, but I like everything. When I’m not at home, I like to try typical food – but when I’m home, Italian food is so good! People think it’s amazing that Italians make fresh pasta every day, but for us it’s normal.

Photo © Chiara Corridori


We have a really long beach called Poetto with bars, they play music in summer, you can go there for cocktails or to listen to bands. It’s amazing in summer. I love spending time there with my friends.

Work out

I used to do ballet – I used to do that now a lot at home, but I don’t do that anymore. If I’m home, I work out in the garden, it’s nice and relaxing, I prefer working out outdoors. I also go to the gym, to Palestra Tribune, all my family go there - it's a really nice centre where you can do a lot of different classes - total body workouts, pliates, or to tone up. After class, I love getting into the hydromassage pool for 30 minutes. I also love swimming – but not at the pool! I love swimming in the sea, my parents have a holiday house near the sea and there are really nice beaches there. I love walking on the beach too in winter, it is so beautiful.


There are a few nice shopping streets – of course, we have Zara and all those high street brands – although we don’t have H&M! We have some smaller ones which are really good for when you want something special, they have lots of nice Italian brands. There is another one which is more like a department store. I love their makeup counters and they have really good shoes, and lingerie. I don’t really like wearing a lot of make up – just mascara, but I have a Lancome cream which I like as a base, not as a foundation, but to give a nice even skin tone, especially when I am tired after travelling. And then, I just use a lip balm. At school, I never used makeup!

Sardinia in Winter

In winter, it’s nice to hang out at the Piazza Yenne, which is the main square. Cagliari is a small place, and everyone knows each other. Because I’m a model, people know me from that, so it’s funny! It’s hard to imagine when you are from a big place, but people make a fuss of me at home. It’s nice! It’s new for me. 

Photo © Chiara Corridori


You have a lot of good spas in Sardinia which are natural water, not in Cagliari, you have to leave town. The best ones are  Fordongianus, Benetutti or Sardara. We have a really nice hotel spa called T Spa in T Hotel – I have been there a few times. I don’t like the sauna, it’s not for me, but I love all the different pools, and to get a massage. I like going with my boyfriend, it’s a really nice date.

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