One To Watch: Jana Tvrdikova

Jana Tvrdikova was named Overall Winner at the Elite Model Look World Final in 2016. We caught up with her to talk about what life has been like since the contest, her favourite hang outs and her secrets to share for anyone applying this year.

What did you learn from Elite Model Look?

I think Elite Model Look is a great start to any career in modelling. It really helps to get your name out there and people automatically know who you are. Elite Model Look gives you a really good experience, you learn so many different things. At the World Final you meet some many people from different countries, and become friends with them, so it definitely helps not to start from the bottom, I think it gives you a bit of an edge and helps you to form relationships in the industry. I was talking to my friend from Slovakia at the World Final and we both said we didn’t care if we didn’t win we just wanted to have fun and to enjoy it and to meet new people, it doesn’t need to be stressful. If we want to be models we just need to walk and be strong and if we don’t win its ok. Your still part of the Elite family and if you work hard you will succeed.

Do you have any advice for those doing it this year?

Have fun and never give up, and be yourself!

What do you like doing aside from modelling?

I really like travelling, so modelling is ideal for that, but I also travel a lot with my family, I’ve been to China 5 times and to Spain, Germany, Poland all around. I love sports, I like to play tennis there are some really good Czech tennis players, I like Kvitova, Tomáš Berdych, and Karolína Plíšková. Our nation really loves sports especially hockey and tennis. I also I like to hang out with my friends and family and I have a little dog, her name is Baby, I love her so much!

You have done some amazing jobs including walking for Chanel. What was it like?

It was amazing to walk for Chanel, it was super last-minute. I was already at the airport about to get on a plane and then got the call that Chanel wanted me for a fitting, so I had to run back, I was so happy and surprised! Their shows are so beautiful and always so different. The first show I did was probably my favourite, I was so excited to be walking for Chanel. Sometimes It can be super stressful to get calls so last minute, it makes it difficult to plan your life. You never know what tomorrow will bring, you can have your whole next day planned out, and it can completely change in an instant, but it getting booked for jobs like Chanel make it all worthwhile. After Elite Model Look, my life completely changed, two or three years ago I was a normal girl just going to school but now I’m here! It’s like how this did all happen.


If you could give 1 million dollars to any charity what charity would it be?

I’m passionate about dogs so maybe a charity to help rehome lost dogs, or something to help support old people. Both causes are close to my heart, I’m really close to my grandparents and their getting old, and it makes me sad that there are old people without family, so I’d like to support charities that help them to make their lives happier. I also love dogs, sometimes I go to rescue shelters and take some of the dogs for walks, they love it, and it’s nice feeling to feel that I’ve helped a little bit. I find being with animals is really therapeutic and relaxing.