California Road Trip With Matilde Rastelli

Travel Apr 27
Matilde Rastelli took part in Elite Model Look in 2015. For her first show, she opened the Givenchy FW16. A keen amateur photographer, Matilde recently took her camera when she went on a trip to the West Coast of America. She lists her top places to go in California, including San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and Malibu. This is the first part of Matilde's road trip - find the rest on Rough Online

Photo © Matilde Rastelli

Venice Beach, Los Angeles

Venice Beach is all about skaters, murals, crazy shops and crazy people! There are people selling food, souvenirs, and graffiti artists selling their work. I went with a friend from LA to have a look and to watch the skaters in the park. It’s so much fun!

Photo © Matilde Rastelli

Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco

It’s an amazing place for fresh fish. We went there for dinner - I had fresh salmon with salad, my friend had spaghetti with fish. The atmosphere is amazing!

Photo © Matilde Rastelli

Pressed Juicery, Roseville

For the best and healthiest yogurt, you have to go to Pressed Juicery. I got a vegan yoghurt - so not made with cow's milk - it was only 40 calories and it had strawberries, blackberries and almonds. It was delicious! My friends for chocolate and a mixed fruits one. I love smoothies, I normally get them after the gym. It was the perfect refreshment In the hot Californian sun!

Photo © Matilde Rastelli

Chinatown, San Francisco

It’s so different from anything I’d seen before! I almost felt like I was in Asia. We walked around checking out the Chinese shops and restaurants. It all looked so tasty - I love Chinese food!

Photo © Matilde Rastelli

Lacma Museum, Los Angeles

I love modern art and there are some amazing pieces here. I saw some amazing Andy Warhol paintings, beautiful sculptures like the one by Gio Pomodoro. The most famous piece in the museum is called Urban Lights. I love Warhol and the whole pop art movement, as well as Pollock and Fontana. I love that the meaning in modern art is not always obvious and you can see what you want in it!

Photo © Matilde Rastelli

Golden Gate, San Francisco

It left me speechless. It’s an enormous bridge that connects two parts of San Francisco, and it’s amazing how quickly it was built considering how huge it is. We went to look at it one day, and another, we took a river cruise that went underneath it. It is really incredible what humans can create.

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