Backstage At The #emlwf2016: Liveblog

Competition News Nov 16

Welcome to the Elite Model Look World Final 2016! See all the action from the model boot camp from 16th November, behind the scenes at the televised final and when the Top 15 winners are announced on 23rd November. 

Day 8: The winners are....

Jana from Czech Republic and Davidson from Nigeria! This is the first time that a model of colour has been named an Overall Winner. See our full list of winners here.

Day 8: The show is about to start

Day 8: It's today!

Finally, the day of the show is here! The Finalists and performing artists have been practising at the Campo Pequeno, and stylists, hair and makeup artists, presenters, production crew and Elite agents have been working hard all day. Everyone is feeling excited, but no one more so than the Finalists! Stay tuned for our live stream at 9pm UTC! Above, Alexandra from Romania and Stefan from Romania wait in line.

Day 8: Backstage with the Finalists

Day 8: First girls on the catwalk

Aila from Austria: "I can’t wait to just walk in front of thousands of people, I think it’s going to be amazing. It was really cool just walking, also, Holly and I are the first people who walk on stage and everyone follows us. It’s an amazing feeling being on this huge stage and just having fun there  It’s a bit more surreal to practise here than at bootcamp, on the stage it’s like woah, we’re actually doing it, this is huge!"

Holly from Australia: "It’s actually so surreal being up on the stage and then what everyone was telling you is like woah! When you actually see it for yourself. I try not to think about too much about it because I like, stuff up, so before I go out there I’m just like, breathe, don’t stuff up, just walk, yeah, just look straight ahead and just keep going."

Day 8: Wishing everyone luck!

Davidson from Nigeria: "I’m very excited now, overwhelmed. I never ever, ever thought I was going to make it to the world finals, because the day of casting in Nigeria was hectic! Over 1,000 boys and girls were at the casting, and I made it through the semi finals in Nigeria. I’m very happy to be here. I pray, I wish for the best for everyone’s success, as well as mine, and I hope to have a great show."

Day 8: Backstage nerves

Day 8: Finalists questions


Day 7: Rehearsals begin

Today, the Finalists began rehearsing at the venue for the World Final at the Campo Pequeno. Above, Lizzie from the United States, Antonia from Chile and Freja from Sweden.

Day 7: Campo Pequeno

The venue is much bigger than any of the Finalists expected! Above, Tang from China

Day 7: Backstage nerves

The huge stage has been purpose built for the World Final at the Campo Pequeno. 

Day 7: Last day to relax

The sun was shining on the last day before show day! The Finalists were relaxed and positive about their catwalks on the stage at the World Final event. Above, Ana Milena from Colombia and Mey-Lin from Peru.

Day 7: Happy birthday Lizzie!

Today, Lizzie from the United States turned 17! Her mom is in Lisbon to see her at the World Final. Her brother is also here, although she didn't know he was coming. Last night, he knocked on her hotel room door at the Intercontinental Hotel Lisbon and surprised her!

Day 6: Highlights from the World Final Bootcamp

That's the bootcamp wrapped up! As you can see, from the day they walked in, the Finalists have all made huge improvements. Watch the best moments now!

Day 6: Finalists present to Elite Agents

Today, Ruben Rua led a presentation of the 62 Finalists to Elite agents from around the world.

Day 6: Backstage

Above, Jesper from Sweden: "My favourite part of the bootcamp has been the editorial. It was super weird but so fun! In some of the countries they had the semifinals, but in Sweden me and Freja were scouted, so I didn’t know it was this big. It’s going well though. I’m sharing a room with Anders from Denmark, we’re the Scandinavian boys, and I’ve made friends with Lucca from Brazil, Conor from the USA and Tommaso from Italy."

Day 6: Judging Panel

The Finalists showed the judges their walk. 

Day 6: Let's Do It

Above, Tommaso from Italy

Day 6: Line up

After evaluation, the Finalists ran through the choreography for the World Final again. They are getting more confident every time!

Day 5: Party

Last night, the Finalists relaxed at a private party in the Time Out Market in Lisbon. After a hard week of training, it was well deserved! Above, Antonia from Chile with Marie from France.

Day 5: Time Out

Doing the Elite Model Look competition is about learning professional skills, but also about building your network in the industry. Friends that meet at the World Final see each other at castings in Paris, Milan and New York, so spending some time together away from the catwalk is vital. Above, Róbert from Slovakia.

Day 5: Relaxation Techniques

Presenter Ruben Rua kicked off the last day of bootcamp with some relaxation techniques with the finalists. Above, Daniil from Georgia learns breathing and mindfulness exercises to help him at the World Final on Wednesday.

Day 5: Waiting to Walk

The girls must catwalk in high heels, and it is hard work. Between practising, they must remove their shoes and rest their feet to be able to practise as much as 

Day 5: Model Tips for Every Hair Type

At the bootcamp, the Finalists received training on how to look after their hair. Watch these 5 models give you the lowdown on how to look after your hair, whatever the type! Starring Gabriella from Brazil,  Mickey from Netherlands, Zara from Portugal, Marie from France and João from Portugal.

Day 5: Outdoor shoot

Each Finalist did a photo shoot outside. Check out the results on the individual Finalist pages. Above, Katya from Russia 

Day 4: Visiting the city of Lisbon

Today, the Finalists took some time out from the bootcamp to explore the city of Lisbon. 

Day 4: Time to relax

Above, Rutt from Thailand and Tommaso from Italy.

Day 4: Sightseeing on social

From left, Lizzie from United States, Zara from Portugal and Marie from France.

Day 3: "Mom, don't cry!"

Above, Lucca from Denmark: "The bootcamp has been really good, I wasn’t expecting how nice everyone would be! I am sharing a room with Freja from Sweden. When I won in Copenhagen the first thing I said to my mom was, ‘Mom, don’t be mad and don’t cry!” Because she told me beforehand, ‘OK, Lucca, I’m not sure I can be without you if you win.” and she’s really emotional. She’s going to watch the World Final at home with my grandma and my little sister."

Day 3: rehearsals begin

Today, the Finalists began to rehearse the choreography for the final show. Above, Daniil from Georgia waits in line.

Day 3: Friends for life

The Finalists were much more relaxed today, on the second day of the bootcamp. Previous contestants say that the best thing about the EML competition is the friends that you make, who you see again later when you work as a model. 

Day 3: See Inside the Bootcamp

Day 3: Styling at the bootcamp

At the model bootcamp, Finalists were dressed for the editorial photo shoots by a team of stylists. 

Day 2: New day, new look

On the first day of boot camp, the Finalists went into hair styling. Some got a completely new look to help them look their best. Lucca S from Brazil (second from right, above) got the biggest change of the day. "Before, my hair was pretty long, a bit like Justin Bieber. In Brazil, that’s what’s in style. They didn’t tell me they would cut it so short, so when I looked in the mirror, I was like, "oh my God!" But this is model life, it’s my job. I like it! I’d say I look more fashionable."

Day 2: In the make up chair

Gabriella from Brazil gets ready for the camera. Finalists must all do video portraits and editorial photo shoots during the boot camp.

Day 2: Catwalk rehearsals

Katya from Russia practices her walk. The girls must learn how to walk on the runway in high heels. 

Day 2: Bootcamp begins!

Day 1: Touch down

Earlier today, the models touched down in Lisbon airport. 36 girls and 26 boys arrived to compete for a top modelling contract with Elite. Conor from the United States arrived from New York.

Day 1: Check In

Representing 36 countries around the world, the finalists were taken straight to the Intercontinental Hotel where they will be staying in Lisbon. They met the other contestants, and got kitted out with goody bags with everything they will need, from baseball caps to phone chargers.

Day1: Arrivals from all over the world

Some contestants travelled massive distances to come to Lisbon. Above, Nina from French West Indies and Guyana.

Day 1: Welcome drinks

Model and the host of the Elite Model Look World Final Ruben Rua and his fellow catwalk coach Erika Oliviera welcomed the Finalists to the World Final to the contestants in the evening at a drinks reception. This World Final is a very special one for Ruben and Erika, as they are hosting in their home country of Portugal. In his speech, he stressed the importance of listening to the mentors, making friends, and before all else, enjoying the experience of taking part.

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