#askelite: Who Or What Inspires You?

In the fashion industry, people need to be creative every day, so it’s important for everyone to keep an eye on what inspires them, from their closest friends, to books or movies, to the sun, sea and sky. We asked these models where they look to find their source of energy to keep going through the long shoots and days away from home.

Agata Kulesza, EML Poland

My biggest inspiration is people who are blind and who do great things to break their weaknesses. Such cases showed me how to be brave and never give up. We only live once and even though we don't have everything we desire, still we can do something good for the world or make our dreams come true.

Lucca Schlenker, EML Brazil

When we talk about inspiration, I have to say my parents… they are everything to me, they do all they can to me to see that I am happy and following my dream. 

Chiara Leone, EML Chile

I'm inspired by models who start from the bottom and succeed with effort and humility, without changing themselves and continuing to appreciate everything.

Antonio Job, EML Switzerland

I respect David Beckham for being able to reconcile his job with his family. I admire Paris Hilton for her ability to continuously present new ideas and concepts. She is very innovative and has a lot of resilience.

Bella Bihari, EML Hungary

My biggest inspiration is my mom, because she is the strongest woman I have ever known.

João Tavares, EML Portugal

My biggest inspiration is my family and my friends, but especially my mother, who gave everything and always struggled to see me succeed. I want to get ahead in the fashion industry because I love it, but also so that one day I can give her everything she deserves.

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