#askelite: How Were You Scouted?

Being a model is a very special job - and often, it chooses you! Our models look back to the moment that they were first discovered, whether they were scouted by an Elite agent or decided to apply to the Elite Model Look competition.

Ana Ilic, EML Serbia

I went to the Elite Model Look casting in my country and that is how I was discovered. I wanted to become a model since I was a little girl and I am very thankful that my dream is now reality!

Carlotta Fusillo, EML Italy

I looked on the internet and I decided to participate in Elite Model Look out of curiosity! Actually, it has never been my dream being a model, but I've always thought that I might have the right features to do this job!

Simon Jørgensen, EML Denmark

I was discovered at a small music festival in 2015 by two guys from Elite Copenhagen, Helgi and Munir. I thought they were trying to sell something at first, so I was kinda avoiding them, but my friend said that they were calling after me so I stopped and talked with them. They explained who they were, and asked if I was interested in a job interview maybe the week after. I said yes. We met up and I got signed, and I went to the World Final in Milan. I never thought about being a model but I felt like giving it a shot when the opportunity came.

Nina Cham, EML French West Indies

I always wanted to be a model like my mom, so I did the Elite model look contest and it went pretty well, I was chosen to represent my country in the Elite Model Look World Final!

Ana Niksic, EML Croatia

I was scouted a few times! First one was during my family trip to London when I was 12. I was in an amusement park playing shooting with a bow and arrow that were bigger than me! When I finished the game one woman came to me. At first, I was thinking I did something wrong! She started to explain who she was, and she asked me if I want to be a model. She was from Elite London. Until then, I had never even thought of becoming a model. I visited the London office two years later, but I was still too young to start working. Then I was scouted by Elite Model Look Croatia 2016. My friend heard about the contest and wished to apply, she asked me if I could go with her. I was watching her, when one of the EML Croatia team came upstairs where I was, and asked me If I wanted to apply too. I probably wouldn’t have applied, but what happened in London inspired me to go for it. Now I have a super great experience behind me that was the World Final and I also have friends all around the world!

Adrian Calabria, EML Spain

I was discovered when I went to an Elite Model Look casting in Spain. I was really happy when I was selected!


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