Andre Opticas X Ruben Rua: Behind The Lenses

A good pair of shades frames your face, and gives signature style the ultimate sign off. Catwalk coach, former Finalist and Elite agent Ruben Rua has collaborated on a range of shades with Portuguese optical brand Andre Opticas. We caught up with him to talk all about it.

Tell us about the Andre Opticas collaboration.

Elite Lisbon suggested that I should do a collection two years ago because of my passion for sunglasses. I kept it in mind and at the end of last year, I challenged Andre to do it. I wanted something exclusive, with lots of personality and I found Andre had the same point of view.

How involved were you in the design process?

Andre was the designer and the craftsman, but I was involved in the choice of everything. From the model to the colour of the lenses, all of the decisions were made by both of us. They were designed based on my measurements and I am the model of the campaign, but it was amazing to be in the other side of the process. Andre was a master and a mentor. 

You live in Portugal, which is pretty sunny for most of the year! What do you look for in good sunglasses?

I look for style, but of course you need them to be comfortable, to control the sunlight and to make sure you have good vision. 

Off duty sunglasses – on your head or tucked into your shirt?

Tucked into my shirt. Never on the head! 

Do you have a particular favourite style from the Andre Opticas x Ruben Rua range?

Well, I love them all! But… the turtle ones with the blue and orange lenses are magical. 

Why did you want to work with Andre Opticas as a brand?

They are the best in the eyewear business. And when you do something so special, with so much work and passion, you want to do it with the best. We share the same vision from the first second and it was an amazing journey.

Sunglasses indoors – yes or no?

For sure. Why not? 

What are you looking forward to next?

Well… I’m working on another special collaboration that’s out in September. Dreams come true… They do. 

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