Amanda Denis's Guide To Malaga

Travel EML Spain

In our travel series, Elite models give us their insider tips to their hometown destinations or favourite holiday resorts. This time, Amanda Denis gives her guide to Malaga, Spain. After representing Spain at the Elite Model Look World Final 2016, Amanda Denis became a model with Elite and has modelled for the likes of Vogue Spain.

"I am proud of being Anadalusian!" she told us: “I love Malaga, because even if it is a small city, you can find many things to do, many beautiful places to shop, to eat, to relax and hang out with friends – and of course, there’s the beach!”

Best for shopping

This is my favorite clothes store in Malaga. It’s called Flamingo’s Vintage and what’s special about is that all the clothes are one-off pieces, they are all from Europe and all very good quality. Usually I buy in stores like Zara or Mango but thrift shops and Vintage shops have a very special vibe.

Best for beach

When I just want to chill I go to this little beach with very huge stones called El Peñón del Cura. It’s out of the way so not many people knows where is it. I love to listen the waves and lie down in the sand while i get away from the routine.

Best for hanging out

Last summer, my friends and I found a place in the country near the city where we can relax and be close to nature. It’s near a shopping centre called El Corte Ingles in Mijas, it’s a walk from there. No-one really hangs out there, we kind of made it our own! The views are fantastic and at night you can see the lights of the city. It’s definitely a great place to have a picnic!

Best for dinner

My favourite restaurant to have dinner is a vegetarian buffet in my hometown called Vegetalia. The place is very cosy and the food is delicious. I use to go with my mum in special occasions. I totally recommend it!

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