Aleksandra From Serbia: Meet The Winner 2017

We have another winner! After Tuesday's final of Elite Model Look Serbia, Aleksandra has been named the latest Winner of Elite Model Look 2017! We hear how she first heard about the competition, how she works out and  how she likes her chocolate.

Full name: Aleksandra Milkovic

Star sign: Saggitarius

Hometown: Belgrade, Serbia

Follow me: milkovic_aleksandra

What’s your favourite….

Song: Gold by Kiiara

Animal: cat

Colour: black

Sport: Tennis / basketball

Vacation destination: Greece

Film: The last song, The Choice , Blue Lagoon

Food: salads

Chocolate: Milk chocolate

Who is your fashion icon: Giorgio Armani

Choose one….

Beach or pool: beach

Disco or punk: disco

Yoga or boxing: boxing

Leather shorts or denim cutoffs: denim cutoffs

Snapchat or Instagram: Instagram

Cowboy or alien: alien

Matching tattoos or tea for two: Matching tattoos

Personal chef or personal trainer: Personal trainer

Puma or Adidas: Adidas

Snakes or sharks: Sharks

How did you hear about Elite Model Look?

I heard about the competition on Facebook. The final was such an amazing experience! It was so exciting to win.

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