5 Tips To Boss Fashion Week With Matthew Bell

Model Life Jan 15
Matthew Bell was discovered through Elite Model Look UK in 2011. Since then, he’s walked in over 80 runway shows including Burberry, Dior Homme and Alexander McQueen. We caught up with him at the menswear runway shows in London to learn his five-point guide to having fun during the long days and short nights of fashion week.

Make friends with your clients

“All the things I’ve done so far this season, I’ve worked with all of them before and I have good relationships with them. It’s been nice to work with Pringle, for example, to see it develop. Massimo [Nicosia], the designer has just come in a few seasons ago and has done so much. It has been really lovely to see it grow.”

Enjoy your threads

“At Pringle, I had a khaki and black jumper that looked a little bit like a grandad jumper, but in a good way! And some suede trousers which were delightful. I won’t be wearing them at home but they looked sick.”

Invent a character

“I did Belstaff this morning wearing a white coat and trousers - I named it “Matt Bell’s picnic on the moon”, because it looked like I could have conquered the moon in it - but it a good way! And I had a little rug, so I thought I could have set up a little picnic on the moon for anyone who wants to join! I’m not fussy who comes.”

Don’t take it too seriously

You’re in an incredibly lucky position, getting to wear good clothes for a living so make the most of it. I suppose I’m pretty relaxed about it all. A lot of people take it too seriously, so just plan a bit of time hanging out with your mates so you’re not on your own and have a laugh.”

Plan your down time

“It’s been a good season, but I’m looking forward to going to Tokyo to cycle around Japan. It’s going to be really good. It’s exciting because I’m going with my friend who I was there with four years ago. I cycled here today - I’m ready for a change.”

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