24 Hours At Milan Fashion Week With Photographer Jonathan Daniel Pryce

Milan Fashion Week has always been a hub for innovative individuals backstage, on the runway or behind the camera lens. In the next in our fashion week series, we talk to Jonathan Daniel Pryce. As a street style photographer, his clients include Vogue, GQ and Mr Porter. He talks us through a typical 24 hours in his shoes.

Photo © Jonathan Daniel Pryce: Ming Xi

Early starts are best

On most nights, I'm up until the wee hours editing my pictures from that day. Depending on what the first show, is I try to get up around 8am or 9am. My morning routine is pretty basic - I shower, dress and pack my bag for the day ahead.

My kit comes first

The main thing is checking my memory cards are clear and my batteries are full, and I double check that I have the correct camera lenses with me. I never manage to eat a huge amount in the morning- usually just breakfast tea and an apple.

I get ready to post on the go

Sometimes I send images to a client depending on what the request is before I leave my house. Or if I know I have a great image for my blog or Instagram I’ll edit in the morning and save them to my phone ready to be posted later that day.

Photo © Jonathan Daniel Pryce: Hugo Villanova

Fashion week is quite a physical activity so it's important to eat

When it comes to shows, I tend to follow the schedules closely so I can work out when I should take lunch or a coffee break. There's no set time but Milan is quite good at providing space for a break in the middle of the day. Sometimes I need to meet with clients and brands which means those gaps can fill up quickly.

Photo © Jonathan Daniel Pryuce: Alexandra Micu

Often the best photographs are off the beaten path

My routine is usually based on where I am in the city, I find that often the best photographs outwith the shows. Walking to different shows is also where I get the best images, either that or I travel around on the busses or trams.

Photo © Jonathan Daniel Pryce: Simon Jørgensen


I very rarely attend the parties during fashion week

The only time I go is if it's a friend’s party, or if I know that I don't have to be up early. I tend to do dinner and drinks earlier in the night instead. If I do end up going out, I’ll make sure I’ll be home by 1am. If not I try to get home for 7pm.

I’m always editing my work before I go to bed

On a good night, I tend to go to sleep anytime between midnight and 4am. Then it’s up again for the next day!

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