My First Fashion Week: Gideon Yendell At Topman Fw2017

Less than two months ago, Gideon Yendell represented the United Kingdom at the Elite Model Look World Final. On Friday, he walked in his very first show for Topman Design at London Fashion Week Men's, and on Monday, he walked in the Vivienne Westwood show. We caught up with him to talk signing with Elite, backstage nerves and the subtle art of catwalks.

Tell us about the Topman show!

I thought it went well! There was a couple of little things that I would have done differently, but I thought it went well and it was a really good experience. Everyone was really cool - it was a really nice crew. I found the turns in the walk difficult, I’m more confident when there’s a straight line and I have rehearsed it a couple of times, but I think I did well. I was just trying to enjoy it and not think too much. I sometimes look quite angry when I walk, so I have been trying to relax

How did you prepare for London Fashion Week Men's?

I’ve just been practicing taking pictures at home in Brighton. Nothing major, but I am looking forward to doing some more test shoots soon to build up my book.

Did you enjoy the World Final in Lisbon?

Doing the World Final in Lisbon was amazing. I loved it, I keep thinking back to it, and to the friends I made there. I still keep in touch with Tommaso from Italy, and Rutt from Thailand. Tomasso got off the plane at the same time that I did in Lisbon, so that’s when we first met. He said I can stay at his house in Milan if I ever go, which is pretty cool of him. I said he can always stay with me if he’s ever in the UK!

Do you feel like you could use what you learned?

Yes, definitely! I always knew it was going to be useful, but I didn’t think it would be as useful as it was. Today, I almost felt like I was a bit too relaxed in there! I was nervous but as soon as I started walking, it was good. Specifically, doing the World Final taught me confidence, walking with confidence. When I was learning how to catwalk with Ruben at the World Final, I was told that my face moved too much when I walked. Walking on catwalk is definitely harder than it looks! This time, I concentrated on keeping calm, and knowing that I was in control of my movements.

What was it like to come back?

I was so happy to represent the United Kingdom at the World Final, coming back here it’s been good to be home, and I was really happy. It was amazing to come back and sign with Elite London. I have castings today and tomorrow, so I hope you’ll see more of me on the catwalk really soon!

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