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Chile 16 years old 178cm

Star sign: Leo

Follow me: @camifosk

At Elite Model Look we say: “your differences make our world”. What makes you different?

 Physically, I think that my hair makes me different because I have really curly hair. Having curly hair gives me personality and makes me unique. I am a very social and cheerful person. I love making new friends and having conversations with random people.

 What is your passion?

  My passion is playing field hockey. I’ve played since I was little, for seven years. I practise a lot and have competitions every Saturday and Sunday.  I love playing as a team and I love that is demanding both psychologically and physically. 

 Who inspires you to succeed?

 My family are my heroes, and they inspire me every day.

Tell us your favourite...

Vacation: The best place I been to is Israel. I loved all of the history and important historical things it had. Because I am Jewish, I feel like I definitely had a special connection to Israel.

 Actor: My favourite actor is Tom Cruise. I love how he acts and think he’s made good choices with the movies he has been a part of.

Clothing: Shoes! I love how you can be wearing a ‘whatever’ shirt and jeans but if you have nice shoes you can have an amazing outfit. Shoes can make a huge difference!

Inspirational quote: “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” This encourages me to follow my dreams and achieve everything I want no matter how hard it is or if things don’t go my way.

Model: Yasmin Wijnaldum because I love her catwalk and I identify with her personality and like her style as a model.  

 If you could go anywhere in the world – where you haven’t already been – where would you go?

 I would go to Hawaii. One of my favourite things to do is to swim in the ocean and lie on the beach. I love the beach and Hawaii is known for having amazing beaches. 

What’s the best thing anyone’s ever said to you? 

 My grandfather once told me “no matter what, you need to be yourself”, that being myself is the most important thing in life. He also told me “you are what you do”, every act or thing I do, I will then be recognised for that. I try to live up to that!

How does it feel to represent Chile at the 35th Elite Model Look World Final?

 I have mixed feelings! I am extremely happy and proud of myself, but I'm nervous. Elite Model Look was so popular among my friends, so it was really exciting to get through. I definitely want to learn from the other contestants’ cultures and lives. But my main objective is to have a good experience, learn a lot about modelling and to do my best. I am excited that I get the opportunity to represent my country in a international competition but it also feels like a challenge to maintain the good reputation of Chilean models. The competition has taught me that besides all of the catwalk and modelling strategies and tips is to have personality and to not be shy. My sister really encouraged me to apply, but it took me a few years to feel ready. I practiced for one year and still didn’t feel prepared, so I waited one more year and prepared better myself and did the competition. I’ve always wanted to model and its cool because it allows me to show a different aspect of my personality and to help me gain all types of unique experiences which are useful not only in modelling, but life too. 

 Tell us about Chile!

 Chile is famous for its skiing, landscape, and food and wine. Chile has a lot vineyards and a delicious food known around the world. We also have some famous football players like Alexis Sanchez and Vidal who are known around the world. I’m very proud of Chilean culture and how it has evolved as a country considering everything the country has undergone since Chile was under Spanish rule and we achieved independence. 


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