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Slovakia 19 years old 191cm

Star sign: Virgo

Follow me: @jakubjanirek

At Elite Model Look, we say “your differences make our world”. What makes you different?

My energy is different. I try to bring a positive energy to everything I do, and to make the people around me happier, too. In terms of my appearance, I like my smile – and I like smiling!

What is your passion?

I love cars! My passion is driving, fixing and cleaning my car. I have loved cars since I was 8 and I drove my dad’s car sitting on his lap, I remember I was just turning the steering wheel, but I loved it!

Who or what inspires you to succeed?

I’m motivated by my own successes. When I look back and I can see myself achieving something meaningful, all I want is to do is to keep going and to get more!

Tell us your favourite…

Song: Right now it´s Natural by Imagine Dragons, it is a really great song. You can feel the passion!

Sport: I work out a lot and like playing football with my friends in my free time.

Actor: Robert Downey Jr. He is funny and plays roles in movies that I love, like Iron Man (2008) and Sherlock Holmes (2009). I admire his talent. 

Model: Michaela Kocianová, because to me she seems really easy to get on with, and I admire her work ethic and what she has achieved so far.  

Where are you happiest?

Probably in my car on a long road and exploring undiscovered places!

If you could time travel, when would you go to?

If I could time travel I´d go to my younger self, and tell him to start learning in school sooner and not to waste so many years being too cool for it.

How does it feel to represent Slovakia at the 35th Elite Model Look World Final?

It is a really awesome feeling! I found out about Elite Model Look last year while shopping in the mall Laugaricio Trenčín where the castings were being held. My mom and girlfriend came to the Final support me. I have really enjoyed the whole process, I was feeling really optimistic the whole time. I’m so excited for the World Final! I want to be a model because I like fashion and traveling and it makes me really happy.

Tell us about Slovakia!

In Slovakia, we have stunning nature, great food and beautiful women. There are really beautiful mountains here – the High Tatras. We are not that famous since Slovakia is a small country, but we have some great national parks, castles and other historical monuments. It’s worth a visit! I love Slovak cuisine. A delicious meal is ´bryndzové halušky´, which is potato dumplings with sheep's cheese and bacon. 

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