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Russia 17 years old 187cm

Star sign: Capricorn

Follow me: @homelesssouls

At Elite Model Look we say: “your dierences make our world”. What makes you dierent? 

One thing that makes me different is that, I can literally talk to anyone. I can always find common ground with people.

What is your passion? 

My passion since my childhood has been writing music. I started to study at music school and write music for piano. I have played piano since I was little and practice every day. I love music as it allows me to express myself.

Tell us your favourite…

Quote: "Mistakes always seemed bigger to you than they really are.“

Sport:  I used to run a lot and did a lot of athletics when I was younger, this helped me develop a sense of rhythm. 

 Advice: "Everything will be OK."

 What was the first music album you ever bought? 

My first album was The Day Is My Enemy by The Prodigy.

What does friendship mean to you?

Friendship for me is mutual understanding and support. The strongest friendship is always built on trust.

 Are you a morning person or an evening person? 

I am a morning person I think!

 Last year, the girl Winner from Russia was Overall Winner of Elite Model Look! How does it feel to be representing Russia this year?

 To be honest, I really admire Valeriya and her success. She’s my favourite model and I would love to be as successful as her and represent Russia in a responsible and a positive way.  

How does it feel to represent Russia at the 35th Elite Model Look World Final?

 Being a Winner in Elite Model Look is amazing. It's hard to express how happy I was when I heard them call my name. My mother has always been interested in modelling and followed EML, with her support I applied online and then they got in contact with me, I was also lucky enough to be mentored by Alice and Victoria who have been so helpful and supportive. I'm really excited for the World Final and I’m excited to meet all the other contestants. I’ve learned so much so far from being part of the competition and have learnt so much from the other models, it’s important to work with new people and to learn from them. 

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