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Antilles Guyane 18 years old 183cm

Star sign: Capricorn

Follow me: @__cedric.stl 

At Elite Model Look we say: “your differences make our world”. What makes you different?

I think that my personality makes me unique, because I can be comfortable with everyone. I think that creates a relaxed atmosphere around me. Of course, I can be serious, but the trick is stay motivated and to look natural at the same time!

Apart from modelling, what is your biggest passion in life?

My passion is travelling and discovering the world. I love to discover different places and cultures around the world. I have wanted to travel since I was little. I would love to go to Japan because I love Japanese cinema, food, music, everything! Japan is so different to where I come from, and it represents everything I love.

Do you have a favourite inspirational quote that inspires you to succeed?

“If not today, when?”

What is your favourite…

Song: Little Bird by Bob Marley. It calms me down in difficult times and it allows me to concentrate and say that nothing is lost and that there is always hope.

Place: The beach, because seeing the expanse of the endless sea makes me feel very small!

Movie: Nos Étoiles Contraires” (The Fault in Our Stars, 2014). It is about how even if sometimes everything seems to be hopeless, there are some beautiful things. Life is a fight and one must never give up. Even in the darkest moments there is always a glow.

 How does it feel to represent Antilles Guyane at the 35th Elite Model Look World Final?

This year, it was the first time the boys participated and we did not know what to expect. But the atmosphere was great! It is a great joy and big surprise that I won, because the competition was tough. I never thought I’d win! I can’t wait to become a model and I hope to do this as a real job in the future. I want to become a model because it opens many doors. Through the Elite Model Look Bootcamp, I got to see a little more of the job. I loved the atmosphere on set, it seems like fun!

Tell us about Antilles Guyane!

The best thing here are beaches. I am proud of the natural landscape here that they have managed to preserve despite significant economic development. We are very lucky!

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