Mayowa Nicholas For Vogue Italia

Mayowa Nicholas in Alexander McQueen 

“Coming from Lagos, which is the fashion capital of Nigeria, I was aware of the fashion trends and glamour but didn’t pay much attention to designers or models, because at that time I didn’t have any interest.

Then the day came when I got scouted on my way to the salon by my current mother agent for a competition called Elite Model Look. My mother and siblings were supportive – my mom loves fashion, so she really wanted me to become a model, her support was what pushed me to go for the competition.

My first trip was to Paris for fashion week. I must say, it was really challenging at first getting used to the weather, culture, food, and language. But I got used to them quickly and Paris has become one of my favorite cities to visit. I really have a strong interest to learn Spanish or French, because I have friends who are mostly from regions that speak them. Amilna and I go a long way back – we started and lived in Paris together, so she’s really a sister from another mother ❤”

 “Right now I am really focused on building a strong career in modeling, so I am currently in New York City. But I am also planning on going back to school in one or two years to finish my accounting degree. I always wanted to be a chartered accountant, and that’s still my dream – hoping to achieve it soon!”