Yes Its A Career

And one that opens up exciting possibilities,

like very few other jobs do!

Modelling is hard work, doubtless. You’re expected to look your best, stay in shape, work long hours, come on the set with a big smile on your face (no tantrums or matter what!). Not to mention the back biting, the harsh words – all part and parcel of the game at some time or other. 

But that said, once you put in the work, the rewards are big. In the last few years model salaries have sky-rocketed with the emergence of new brands and online portals. You can make in a week, what people make in an entire month.And it doesn’t just end there...

As a model you will travel to the most exotic locations, work with highly creative and talented people, and get groomed by the best names in makeup and hair. The Max EML contest is a case in point. There are only a few careers in the world where you make money, travel, eat at the best restaurants and get to be groomed by
the best.

Today modelling can be the beginning of a very prosperous life. Of course you can get into films and television, but models increasingly also transition into being fashion stylists, photographers and restaurateurs. The network of people that you will be exposed to provides incredible opportunities, and it is up to you to grab them.

Just don’t stint on getting your portfolio done by the best professionals, learn and follow the basic tips and tricks of looking your best and most important, seek out the right platforms. Make the effort to reach out to people, and maintain contacts with individuals you can work with or learn from. They will stand you in good stead through your career. Networking  with the right people is a must.

Then prepare to revel in your success: the world will be your oyster!

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