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Time was when ‘fashion’ was a throw up of the sartorial choices of Bollywood stars. Not anymore. Today, it’s all about fashion for fashion’s sake. Even the stars follow. And Delhi city is where it’s all happening. The capital has emerged not just as a fashion hotspot in the country but the international ‘Global Language Monitor’ lists the city as 24th in the list of fashion capitals in the world – above Miami!

With the majority of popular designers homing in to Delhi, the mushrooming of high-glam Fashion Weeks anchored by top fashion and beauty brands, the buzz of serious buyers, and most important of all, the emergence of a strong contingent of power models from the city, Delhi is killing the ramp! Serious high fashion find big takers here. The dazzle of power and glamour has catapulted the city to the top league. So it is that prestigious modeling platforms such as the Max Fashion Elite Model Look India, too zero in to toast the local talent vying with each other to take up modeling as a career option.

Take the instance of 19-year-old Mili, a student of journalism at the Lady Sriram College, Delhi. She started her modelling career about a year back when she was invited to model for a shoot by Harper’s Bazaar Bride. Though she is still considered a “fresher”, in these few months, she has made a mark for herself and is quite sought after by designers and brands alike. She honed her skills and found inspiration on the ramps of Max Elite Model Look India 2016, where she got groomed by expert stalwarts and also got through to the Grand Finale. The young model’s top tip: “The best way to ‘beat out’ competitors in this field is to maintain good relations with people you get to interact with at the workplace. Good relations mean good recommendations!” 

Yes, eating right and hydrating are key ingredients to success too but in this area, Mili feels she is naturally blessed. “I’m genetically blessed and don’t need to watch my weight too much, so I eat pretty much what I like. However, I do work out a lot!” 

Her final tip: The importance of looking one’s best. Mili says she loves to go shopping and believes that putting an effort into one’s looks is just as important as anything else to make a good first impression. This budding model continues to make Delhi her home and has found the perfect balance between her academic and professional careers.

Both Mili and Reet have their own individualistic ways of working and both have been getting a regular flow of work due to the effort they put in and the diligence with which they practise their art. Calling all aspiring models — you too can climb the ladder with effort, a lot of focus and a positive, proactive attitude.

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Another Delhi-based model, Reet, has been in the business for almost two years now and is a full time model. Her advice to upcoming models is that no matter how busy one is, never to miss out on exercise and eat healthy. “Working out is very important to me,” she says, “and I follow a strict diet as well. When we’re on location, there is hardly time to eat proper meals so people usually offer us pizzas and other fast foods. I can’t afford to eat so much junk food so I carry my own snacks which consist mostly of fruits.” She says she does have cheat days where she goes out to eat with friends but makes up for it the next day. “It’s all about balance,” she adds. She has recently turned vegetarian and is a proud supporter of PETA. Her advice on style is to opt for what looks good on the individual. So trend-craze is not something she subscribes to.