India Welcomes Elite Model Look

October 16, 2014

Then the show kicked off with the girls walking first, followed by the boys, and a pop performance by Rachel Who, one of the leading singers in India: she enchanted the audience with songs from Adele and Amy Winehouse.
Finally the Jury unveiled the winners, Rinku Malik and Vijaya Sharma, posing for the photographers while the cocktail was getting started, and lasted longer than expected as everyone was having a great time, tweeting and posting live this unforgettable night of EML India 2014.

The bootcamp was really important for the contestants to learn from fashion experts such as former model Erika Olivera from Portugal, who trained the contestants for catwalking, and also Miki Mehta, a fitness health expert from India who gave them fitness and diet tips, with yoga class every morning.
The contestants had also the chance to visit the city of Mumbai, and participate to various photo shoots inspired by Paris and its famous French Touch and elegance.

The whole journey has been an overwhelming experience for all the contestants representing this beautiful continent country, rich and diverse with a young and computer-savvy population: the boom in the IT sector, combined with their passion for social media and fashion, have contributed very much to the success of EML India.

Marking a milestone in the international development of Elite Model Look, the Indian Final just took place in Mumbai.
With its ever-growing market, especially in the fashion industry, India has become a key player, counting on famous fashion designers such as Manish Arora, whose creativity and success have definitely put India on the fashionista's map.