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Hi. Yesterday we had t'ai chi :-) It was very good and I like this type of relaxation so much. I took lots of photos of me and my friends. After t'ai chi we went up to the 259th floor and there was such a beautiful view - you could see everything and I liked it. We all did I think :-) Next I went to the wax museum. There were lots of buildings and lots of people in wax. I think it must be so hard to make something like this. I admire the people who did it! Good job! I've added some new photos and I hope you will like it ;) See you later. xoxo. Leona


Hello again :-D My internet is OK again!!! I am happy :-D This is the first time I can write to you from Shanghai :-) First - this city is SUPER. I LOVE Shanghai. Second - the people at Elite are super. I love them.Third - the girls here are funny and lovely, and I love them too :-) ... okay, now about me :-D Yesterday the Elite girls went shoppiiiiiiiiing:-) I bought some souvenirs for my family. I bought some tea, Chinese green tea, and I hope it will have good taste :-) We also had a manicure, pedicure, fitting, the China final, catwalking, photoshoot, polaroid, video (I am sad because it can be beeter, I must improve my English, but you can enjoy my video :-) :-) xoxo ) We had some parties too, and I really liked the first one because we had THE BEST VIEW of the city. Good drinks with coconut (I really like that - with icecream), and good music. Normally I don't like dancing but I had to dance there!!!!! :-) :) Big like for this day... for all DAYS HERE. I am going give you some photos of me and friends. See you. Leóna.


Playing the guqin...

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