My Diary


Back to normal life, learning and learning and learning, my jetlag isn't over, and my cold that I've got in Shanghai isn't over too, and oh my god, I miss my girls, the staff and everybody so much! Shanghai - this experiance that I will never forget, one of the best things I ever will do, for sure! xoxo


Hi! Four days ago I was in Shanghai, and four days later I'm in school, back to normal life. I miss Shanghai & my girls & and the crew shaperones etc... so bad :( I got my shootpicture from Paul Morel, the shoot I did at the beginning of my adventure in Shanghai, and I'm so happy with it, thanks Paul, it's beautifull work! I'm going to learn hard, cause I missed so much of school, wish me luck! xoxo


Hi! So so strange to know that my adventure ended today, the last shoot is done, and my case is pakced, tomorrow at 9:15 is the taxi here to bring me to the airport, I'm happy to going home, i missed some people so bad hihi, it was great here, an experiance i will never forget with all my sweet finalists! xoxo lieke

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