My Diary


Today a lot happened. I did a shoot with some very beautiful natural waves in my hair and natural makeup too. I really liked the look!!! I also got my nails done. There was so much going on - we were trying on the clothes for the final, and some girls were practicing catwalk, while some were taking polaroids. Now I'm just lying in bed and relaxing. I’m going down to eat dinner soon. All the other contestants are so nice, and I’m very excited for tomorrow!!!


Now I'm in Shanghai, and it's really amazing. I've got a bit of jet lag, but I'm very happy that I'm finally here. My mom and I took a plane from Copenhagen (the capital of Denmark) to Frankfurt at 14:45, and then dirrectly from Frankfurt to Shanghai so we were on the plane for ten hours! But at 04:00 in the morning (Danish time - 11:00 in the morning Shanghai time), we finally landed. The hotel is huge and beautiful, and my room is big :-) The Chinese people are very friendly. But I miss a roommate, and I'm glad she comes tomorrow :-)


One day to go – the suitcase is packed and I am ready to fly to Shanghai tomorrow. I am very excited and looking forward to meeting all the other girls. The picture is from the final in Denmark.

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