My diary


So this is my last message... Today was my last day at school and I said goodbye to all my friends... All my clothes are packed and tomorrow I have a flight to Frankfurt and then a direct flight to Shanghai. See all of you in 3 days! Bye


My little brother and I...I want to say some things about him...He is 4 years younger than me. Even though he's a boy I can rely on him and I share all my hidden secrets with him in the hope that he will never tell anyone. He also tells me about his own life...Sometimes we get in fights but several minutes later we have fun again. He is very helpful and supportive...And I can't imagine my life without him!!!


My whole family like to travel a lot and each year year we visit various different countries. This year we stayed in Montenegro for a fortnight. It was a wonderful trip with my parents and little brother. I have a friendly family which supports me in difficult times...I LOVE them very much.

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