Antonio From Brazil: Meet The Winner 2017

Competition News July 17
Antonio is the latest winner of Elite Model Look 2017. He will join Gisele at the World Final to represent Brazil! Catch up with him below.

Full name: Antonio Freitas

Star sign: Gemini

Hometown: Guaxupe, Brazil

Follow me: @antoniofrts

What’s your favourite….

Song:  Highway to Hell by ACDC

Disney villain: Scar from The Lion King

Colour: Black all the way

Sport: Soccer!

Singer: Pablo Vittar

Quote: “Better to be safe than sorry”

Chocolate: Dark. Yummy!

Fashion icon: Gisele Bundchen

Hero: My dad!

Choose one….

Pizza or Ibiza: Pizza - half pepperoni, half margarita…

Disco or punk: Disco

Yoga or boxing: Boxing

Las Vegas or Los Angeles: Lala Land

Ketchup with fries or catchup with friends: Catchup with girlfriends

Cowboy or alien: Cowboy yaaahooo!

Matching tattoos or tea for two: Matching tattoos

DJ or PJs: DeeeJay!

Personal chef or personal trainer: Personal chef

Hot fudge or melted caramel: Melted caramel


How did you hear about Elite Model Look?

I heard about with when I was a young kid! To be a model with Elite was always my goal. It was amazing when I was chosen! 

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