Montenegro 16 years old 178cm

From: Herceg Novi, Montenegro.

My country is famous for: Europe’s deepest canyon, natural beauty and the Adriatic Coast.

My star sign: Leo.

My favourite model: Karlie Kloss, for being a strong and confident woman. She has her career as a model while running a positive YouTube channel and teaching girls to code.

My model workout: cycling, to improve my heart and lungs, and ballet exercises to help me get lean muscles.

My most treasured possession: a necklace my grandma gave me. My mom used to wear it when she was my age, it reminds me of them.

My favourite smell is: warm vanilla, because it reminds me of baking my favourite vanilla sponge cake.

My inspiration: the way colours of the sky change over time and their reflection on the sea surface. I’m also inspired by my family because they remind me life is too short to be anything but happy.

My dream job outside modelling: I would love to be a genetic engineer because genetics never fail to amaze me.

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