The experience of a lifetime

Candidates undertake the journey within a spirit of friendship and community; throughout the competition, they are surrounded by chaperones, some of whom have taken part in the Elite Model Look and are veterans of the experience. Concern for the girl’s physical and emotional wellbeing is our utmost priority, we ensure that Elite Model Look candidates are supported throughout the competition, enabling them to enjoy these pivotal moments that will remain forever engraved in their memories.

What the parents say

“Justine is only 15 and a half years old, she’s very young but it’s a childhood dream. We must cultivate the dreams of our young: encourage them, support them and take them to the edge of their dreams.”
Mrs Alexandrapoulos, mother of Justine, finalist, France 2010.

“Over the last few months Alma has become more independent, she’s growing-up a little bit, and I think that’s great. She feels really good, she’s not at all stressed [about it]. These young girls are courageous to take on the catwalk in front of a professional jury, they are only 15 to 17 years-old, I find that amazing.
Mrs. Durand, mother of Alma, Winner of Elite Model Look France 2010.