Follow The Models In The #elitebalcony Series

Go on a follow-spree and find out more about the models featured in the popular #EliteBalcony series over on their own Instagram accounts. Like Cheyenne and Ashton... here & here !
#CoupleGoals indeed.

Alexandra Micu

Meet Alexandra, the Louis Vuitton girl from EML Romania.

Chiara Corridori & Romy van De Laar

Elite beauties Chiara & Romy.

Bertie Pearce

Learn more about British boy, Bertie.

Mayowa Nicholas & Victor Ndigwe

Elite Model Look Nigeria alumni and model best friends Mayowa & Victor.

Rory Cooper

Take a look at Rory's feed.

Maggie Jablonski

Her Instagram is definitely worth a follow.

Ratner Yuliia

See what Ratner's getting up to after walking for Fendi this Couture season.

Hélène Desmettre

Follow her here and why not look at her beauty and wellness blog too!

Karl Rawlings

Karl's Valentino campaign has just released, find out what else is to come on his Instagram.

Alicia Holtz

Click here for more on this German beauty.