Tristan Tymen In Australia

Tristan Tymen was the first boy from France to become Overall Winner of Elite Model Look in 2015. Recently, he has been in Australia, working on shoots, shows and most importantly - surf technique. We caught up with him to find out all about it.

Photo © Tristan Tymen

You were in Australia! Tell us about it.

I love it here! I was in Australia for 2 months. Yes, it is the first time that I leave so far from my little France. When I arrived, there was a heat wave (the Australians had never had as much heat so long) so I often went to the beach with my partner-in-crime Jules Letutour. I was lucky enough to live in Bondi near Sydney, so I could often go to Bondi Beach to surf.

Photo © Tristan Tymen

Did you meet any nice people?

The Australians are very welcoming I was able to meet some cool people in the bar. They are also very sporty, you can see that when you’re on the beach. Their most popular sports are surfing and rugby - which are luckily my two favourite sports! What surprised me is to see people surfing the water from all ages (you can see 4-year-olds surfing with their 70-year-old granddads!) and from all backgrounds. It’s super fun!

Photo © Tristan Tymen

What model work have you done?

While I was here, I had some magazine shoots which will come out soon, and an advertising campaign. I also did some shows, including for GQ Magazine during Melbourne Fashion Week. It's quite different from Europe, a few times in Europe you can run into stressed people but there I have not encountered any! Everyone is relaxed - I think it’s the surf vibe.

Photo © Tristan Tymen

What have you done in your free time?

With Jules, we used our free time to discover Sydney so you are often going to Manly Beach by ferry (north of Sydney), visiting the city, visiting Melbourne. Mainly we were surfing on Bondi Beach, or playing football. Of course, I went to see the famous Australian animals! I saw wallabies and kangaroos but also the Koalas, the wombats and the cute little quokkas! I loved it.

Photo © Tristan Tymen

What did you want to achieve while you were there?

Being in one of the most beautiful countries in the world for two months was an opportunity for me, and not everyone gets a chance like that. So I made the most of discovering Australian culture, and perfecting my English. I would love to come back to discover more of Australia.

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