Rosa Sarli, Director Of Elite Milan: Inside Elite Model Look

As the Elite Model Look World Final is underway in Milan, we talk to the Director of Elite Milan, Rosa Sarli. Although she didn't even want to go to her first interview to become a model agent, today she is nonetheless head of one of Elite's key agencies. We talk to her about what she'll be doing at the World Final, and what it takes to get ahead in the fashion business. 

How does it feel to have the world final in Milan?

I’m super excited, I know the experience will be fantastic! I think this is a very good period for our city to host the World Final, an international event related to beauty, intelligence, grace, professionalism, fun, and a kind of art, all elements which distinguish the city of Milan.

Photo © Luc Braquet

Everyone wants to know what the judges will be looking for – can you tell us?

We don't just look for beauty, as you can imagine - but what we're really looking for is a secret!

How did you start in the model business?

I started many years ago, my sister who was a model at the time. She told me that her agency which was called Beatrice had a position open, and I went did the interview. I actually didn’t want to go i was leaving on vacation the same afternoon, it was July, but I went because she wanted me to! I started the following Monday, the rest his history. I never left the industry since then!

What do you think is the best thing about your job? What is the biggest challenge?

The best thing is the possibility to meet all kinds of people, whether it’s agents, models, clients, celebrities, who come from all over the world. Here at Elite, we always have new projects, a new energy, continuous stimulation in a job which is a dream for many people. The biggest challenge was to create a mens division from nothing and make it the most successful in Milan for several years.

If someone wants to get to become a model agent, what is the first thing you’d advise them to do?

To learn about the industry, languages, the way to relate to young people and to clients, without forgetting that professionalism is the key of success because modeling is a serious business!

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