Julia Haart, Ceo And Co-owner, Elite World Group

Julia Haart is the CEO and co-owner of Elite World Group, the world’s largest modelling network encompassing Elite Model Management, The Society Management, Women Management, Supreme Management, W360, EWG Management, EWG Virtual and Elite Model Look. Below, Julia shares her thoughts on the ethos behind her leadership, the changing face of the model industry, and how she embodies the phrase #BeYourOwnIcon.

Why is Elite Model Look an important part of the Elite World Group scouting process?

The exciting thing about Elite Model Look, especially this year, is that we have expanded who we are looking at in terms of representation. We've expanded the concept of model, enabling people who might never walk a runway to be part of the Elite World Group because they are cultural leaders, because they are tastemakers, because they have passions and an audience. This enables creatives, content creators and trendsetters to also partake in the experience and show their passion and their individuality. It's really about giving people the opportunity to change their lives, to curate their destiny, to help them become global brands and ambassadors. We are giving them the resources to help them be their own icons and the best version of themselves.

You are spearheading a lot of change within the Elite World Group and the modeling industry in general. What has inspired your vision for the future of the company, and the contest?

What’s exciting about the world today is that people want to see something real and organic. Fashion brands, beauty brands, all of the clients that we work with – they want personality, individuality, honesty, integrity, and they want someone who has a unique voice and has the wherewithal and a means to express themselves. This enables Elite World to take talent who believe in something, who have spark, energy and personality, to build and create brands.

You have spoken about empowering models in your role as a CEO for Elite. How do you hope EML will empower the next generation of top models?

We're not just training them to walk a runway; we're training them how to use their social media channels to give voice to who they are. We're helping them monetize their passions. We're teaching these incredible young talent that what It takes to be successful is how hard you want to work, and how much you believe in yourself. We give you all the tools at your disposal to help you become the best version of yourself.

Finally, Julia, how are you your own icon?

Well, I'm an independent, self-made person. I didn't come from the fashion elite, I didn't go to fashion school. I strive every day to improve, to educate myself, to open my mind, to listen to others, to use the strengths I now possess to help others build their strengths. To me, being an icon means when you look at yourself in the mirror and you know that you are striving to be the best. I think the most important thing is recognizing that there are no limits, that most of the limitations that we have are the ones we have in our own minds. And the minute that we decide we can do something, we can. I once read that “if you think you can or you think you can't, you're right”. Well, to me, an icon is someone who never thinks they can't

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