Alexia Collinson, Social Media Manager: Inside Elite Model Look

We meet the people behind the cameras at Elite Model Look. Alexia Collinson is the Social Media Manager at Elite Paris, overseeing the social media channels for the agency and organizing special projects. We get to know Alexia and what it takes to promote models in 2017.

Tell us about the Elite Model Look World Final!

It’s my second time being part of the Elite Model Look World Final. I am even more excited than the first time because even if I know now what to expect it’s still a new city, new contestants and a whole new event! I will be part of the Digital Team, and I will be posting content on Instagram. Which means following all the contestants from the Bootcamp to the World Final itself! Capturing each moment and sharing with our followers as if they were there! From Hair and Make-Up to Catwalk sessions, photoshoots and rehearsal, followers will be able to discover the contestants from another angle.

Photo © Mathieu Rainaud

What do you love about the Word Final?

The World Final is so unique! We all work together as one single team to make sure that everything works perfectly is so challenging but the final result worth it! It’s not only about your job, everyone helps each other! What I love the most about the World Final is seeing the Finalists’ transformation! There is nothing to compare from the day they arrive to the show day in terms of looks and attitude.

Tell us about your job at Elite Paris – what are your day to day tasks?

I am the Social Media Manager from Elite Model Management in Paris, which means I manage all the social media accounts for the agency. From posting campaigns, editorials and cover magazines to producing exclusive content that you will not find anywhere else than on our social medias, such as backstage at Fashion Week or models’ videos.

What attracted you to working in social media for a model agency?

I never thought I would work for a model agency in my life! I finished school with a master degree in Digital Communication and started working for Elite Paris as an intern. I started working on Instagram about 3 years ago for example, before that, the job didn’t even exist. Everything is new and there is still so much to learn about it! I am so passionate about digital and what the power of social media can do especially for models. It’s a whole new opportunity for them to show who they really are!

What’s the best thing about your job? What are the challenges?

Having the opportunity to be creative! I get so excited when I find a new concept for social media and building the whole strategy around it. It feels amazing to see a project growing in front of your eyes from the beginning to the end. So far, the challenge has been to make people understand the power of social media and that the job is not just about posting on Instagram. It’s not as easy as it seems; there is a whole digital strategy behind everything!

If someone wanted to get a job doing what you do, how would you advise them to start?

Study it! Studying communication is so important to learn everything about this whole new world. Be aware of what happens all the time and everywhere especially communication campaigns who worked very well for example, try to find why and be inspired by what’s around you. Do not hesitate to always try new things!

What’s the best career advice anyone ever told you?

To always be open to the world and to what comes next! Stay curious about everything, there is always something to learn from someone else.  

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