Bertie Pearce On The Cover Of The Burgundy Journal

Video Mar 18

Elite Model Look UK 2014 Winner Bertie Pearce takes us behind the scenes on shooting the cover for The Burgundy Journal.

The shoot was set-up by a friend of mine, Chrisean Rose, who I had previously shot with and shared ideas, so I knew the team would be creative and pretty cool prior to shooting. 

Shot in Brooklyn, it was a super fun day, mixing controlled studio shots up with some beautiful New York Autumn views from the rooftop. The team had a great creative energy, working together to produce something evocative and intriguing, with such an awesome location, it's easy to enjoy the surroundings, whilst being immersed in the fun. It's always an added extra to shoot the cover as it means the team are more focused what the editorial is about in terms of thoughts and emotions, not just on the image. 

Highlights included the Dunkin' Donuts provided on set [laughs] and the backstage videography that attempted to capture the same concept as the shots, a moody and almost lost setting. As you can imagine, this is good for me as it allows me to shoot a different format, get more material for social media and practise different skills!